Kajsa was 1,5 years old when she was neutered. I had to put her through the operation because after every time she had been in heat she became pseudopregnant. It happened every time. She had milk in her nipples and she lost her fur. One time she even thought she had given birth to puppies. There are medicines you can give dogs when they become pseudopregnant but I didn’t want to keep medicating her for the rest of her life.

On the day of the surgery I went with her to the vet and it was hard to leave her there. The vet said I could come and get her that afternoon. I went home and was too nervous to do anything.

The afternoon came and I was happy that I was going to see her again. When I got to the vet he said that she was far from recovered. She was fighting for her life. I cried and thought that even though I only had her for a short while she would forever be in my heart.

The vet told me to leave her there for a while longer and to call later. I don’t remember much of anything right after I left her again. I couldn’t wait too long before I called and the relief I felt when they said she was fine can’t be described!

I went to get her and the first thing I heard when I opened the door was her barking! That’s my Kajsa. She came out with a plastic cone around her neck and she looked weak. I knew I had done the right thing when the vet said there were many cysts on the things they had removed. No one knows what that could have brought in the future. The nurses said she probably wouldn’t be able to walk in the days to come but she did. She walked on her own that very day and she ate. She was the crazy girl she is after a short while.20170111_181146.jpg

3 thoughts on “Neutered

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    I think Jack Russels are prone to pseudo pregnancies, both mine had it as well. They are fighters in a good way and Luca, who also had a heart condition lived to be 14 and Brit was 18 when she passed away. You and Kasja will be friends for a long time!!!

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