Smoking ban

I love all bread. I crave bread. I don’t know what kind of bread’s that are popular in your country. In Sweden ” Åkes (male name) hönökaka” is popular. It’s a flat soft bread.

I hadn’t bought it in a while and when I bought it recently I saw a funny thing on the package. There is a picture of “Åke” on it. I’m sure that he smoked a pipe before. Now he doesn’t. There’s a smoking ban everywhere. Now a smoking ban even on bread packages. I like that you can’t smoke everywhere but on bread…… I know why Åke has quit smoking. Smoking is bad and that could make you think the bread is bad.

I don’t think anyone has thought about “Åke’s” not smoking anymore. I don’t know why they removed the pipe. I don’t think anyone making a “Åke” sandwich saw the pipe and thought they wan’t to smoke. I have never made a sandwich and suddenly had a craving for pipes.



-Honey we only got 24 eggs.

-No! You have to buy more.

24 eggs. That’s enough to make 6 cakes. 5 omelettes. That makes more scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches than you can eat. And they expire in 4 days………..



I like pastries. Yesterday was “Gustav adolfs” day in Sweden. I’m not an expert on why we celebrate that day but the main thing is that we eat pastries. When you hear “Gustav adolfs” day you think about whipped cream and unhealthy things.

My mom had the important mission to buy pastries for her and I. She went to some places cause they were hard to find. There either weren’t any. That or they were sold out. She found a coffee shop that had the pastries. Or not any “Gustav adolf” pastries but everyday pastries where they put a portrait made by chocolate of that Gustav man. I think they made a pastry for this day before but I don’t know if they make it anymore.

My mom bought four pastries. The coffee shop had two different pastries with the chocolate Gustav. She bought two of each. One was a chocolate pastry. It was a chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse. The second was a “Napoleon” pastry. That is a pastry with whipped cream between layers of puff pastry.


The chocolate one was a bit much. I couldn’t eat the whole pastry. I did eat the whole “Napoleon” though. And I ate both on the same day.




Easy apple pie.

I like apples for baking. They make everything taste good. The combination of cinnamon and apples is the best.

Today I had apples that were going bad which often happens. Instead of throwing them out I made apple pie. I used the things I had in the kitchen and it tasted good.

There was only three apples but that had to do. I peeled them and cut them in slices. The apples were placed in a oven tin. I mixed the apples with butter, cinnamon and sugar.



In a bowl I mixed butter, sugar and flour. I used 50 g butter. I poured the mix over the apples.


The pie baked at 200 C for 30 minutes.

Serve with cream.




Raspberry cake.

I think raspberries are good in cakes. They have that sharp taste cakes crave. Blueberries are also tasty but they are a bit mild in flavour. I often think frozen raspberries are best because they are even sharper in taste then the fresh berries.

I made raspberry cakes this week. They are called “Sticky raspberry cakes”. I made them thicker than they should be and that made them not sticky but they were delicious. They are easy to make and that`s what`s best about them.




200 g butter

4 eggs

5 dl sugar

6 dl wheat flour

1 tsp vanilla sugar

Flaked almonds

3 dl frozen berries


Melt the butter and let it cool.

Stir in the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar (I put in 2 tsp instead) and flour.


Spread the batter in an oven tin. The recepy said to use a big one but I used a smaller and I put a baking paper at the bottom of it.

Sprinkle the berries and flaked almonds on top of it. There wasn`t any amount on how much almonds to use. I like almonds and used around 2 dl.


Bake for 30 minutes at 175 C in the middle of the oven.





Fruit cakes

Easy fruit cake.

I love cakes with fruit filling. In Sweden almost every cake with whipped cream has fruit in them. That makes the cakes lighter. I usually make fruit fillings when I make cake. Bananas are the best because they make the cakes moist.

I almost never make the actual cake myself. And I almost always use sponge cake as “the cake”. The sponge cakes you buy taste homemade and that`s good enough for me and that`s the reason I don`t bake them myself. I do think homemade cakes taste better but the one I`m using for this cake is good.


There`s lots of fillings to choose from and it can be hard to decide which will be the best. I think bananas has to be one of the filling. For the cake of the day and for the first layer I mashed two bananas. I mixed them with whipped cream, cocoa powder and sugar. I used unsweetened cocoa powder and it was too bitter without sugar.


For the second layer I made a raspberry filling. I defrosted frozen raspberries and mixed them with icing sugar. I removed the access liquid and added whipped cream to the mixture.

20170519_174454I put the third sponge layer on the raspberries. I topped it off with whipped cream, raspberries and flaked almond.


It was very delicious. It was juicy and fruity.


Green yumminess

I had the thought today that I`m a mother. It`s mother`s day and I`m a fur mother! I haven`t thought about it but I`m the proud mother of Kajsa. She is a dog but my dog baby. I hope all mothers (and everyone else) have a good day.

I have been a vegetarian from time to time and when you are you learn how to cook with vegetables. There are many things you can make out of every vegetable. Being a vegetarian is not all about eating raw vegetables. I think vegetarian food often is more delicious than food that contain meat.

Today I made oven baked squash. Squash is a versatile vegetable. It doesn`t taste much but with spices it`s delicious.


I cut the squash into slices. I covered the slices with flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs. I begin with flour then egg then bread crumbs. I added salt and pepper in the egg.

I put the slices on a tray covered with baking paper. I added some butter on them to give them a crunchy surface. I also made a salad consisting of tomatoes and peppers in a tinfoil. I mixed the vegetables with olive oil and spices. The potatoes were bought but they taste like homemade ones. I baked everything in the oven at 200 C for 30 minutes.

Sometimes when you have eaten healthy food you can treat yourself to a little bit of cake. This is a “Princess cake”. We bought this but if you want to make it this is how you do it.


Beginning from the bottom of the cake you take a thin slice of sponge cake and cover it with raspberry jam. Place another thin slice of sponge cake on top of it. Spread a thin layer of custard on it. Cover the second layer with lots of whipped cream. Put a third layer of sponge cake on top of the cream. Cover the whole cake with marzipan.



All that cream.





I love pancakes. I have always loved them. I remember when I was younger and couldn’t flip them around. They always broke but I didn’t care. My friends cared! They didn’t want to eat the pile of pancake strands I served.

Today I’ve learned to flip them with a spatula. Ovenbaked are the easiest though because they cook themselves. Even if regular pancakes cooks fast the ones in the oven are more conveniant.

For dinner I made oven baked blueberry pancake. I used fresh blueberries because frozen ones makes the pancake too loose while it cooks. I also used oatmilk so it’s good for all of you that don’t tolerate cows milk.

I never cook from recepies (normally) and I can’t give you amounts on the ingredients. Or I can tell you I use 4 eggs for this pancake. I mix them with milk and flour until the batter gets the texture of a thin white sauce. I put lots of butter at the bottom of the oven tin I’m using. That gives a fuller taste and it prevents the pancake from sticking to the tin.

I added blueberries to the tin and baked the pancake for 20 minutes at 210 C.

Serve with lingonberry jam.



Dinner party

I don`t think having dinner parties is enjoyable. The party I love but not the dinner part. I`m not confident in my cooking and think no one will like what I serve. I know I can cook reasonably well but when it comes to feeding others I`m very uncertain as to how it will taste. When I go to friends for dinner I`ve never been disappointed at what they serve. The food is only a small part of the evening and even if it isn`t that good I don`t care. I know the friends that come to my dinners think the same but it doesn`t help.

Speaking of dinner parties, when I was younger one of my mom`s friends use to come over for dinner and I normally made the desserts. She is hilarious and I remember those dinners to be full of laughter. Anyway there are two of those dinners that stand out from the rest.

The most important when it comes to dinners is that there is enough food for everyone. I remember one time my mom was making lasagna. She was supposed to do one lasagna for the three of us. The oven tin she was using would serve maybe four large servings. I said that I thought one lasagna wasn`t enough. We talked back and forth about it and my mom ended up making two. They say mom`s are always right and oh boy how right she was. We ate half a lasagna! We had to eat the rest for days!


The other dinner party involved me doing more than I should. My mom`s friend loves desserts and I went all in that evening. I decided to make a cake with many layers and soft caramel on top. The thing was I had never made that many layers in a cake or (!) caramel before. I almost cried! When I tried to cut the cake into all these layers it fell apart and I ended up with bread crumbs instead of slices. The caramel………. It was far from soft. It became chewy toffee which I tried to put on top of the crumbs. I ended up making short bread! Not jam filled short bread with whipped cream that would resemble a dessert , only dry short bread.


I love cooking at dinner parties! Not.

Beef pirogue

I love puff pastry. I would be happy eating baked puff pastry and nothing else. It`s crunchy and soft at the same time and the taste is good.

I love pirogues because of the puff pastry. My favorite pirogue is with minced beef. I made a big beef pirogue that served two the other day. It was delicious.

I began by making the beef filling. I fried onions and minced beef in a pan. I added tomatoe purèe and spices. I also added a bit of milk to get the texture I wanted. I let it cool before I filled the pastry.

20170331_154832I bought the puff pastry. The thought of making it myself makes me tired. All that rolling and all the butter that has to be added is overwhelming.


I put the minced beef in the middle of the pastry.


I rolled the pastry into a pirogue. The pirogue got brushed with egg. I made cuts on it to prevent it from breaking.


I baked it at 200 C for 20 minutes.