Protein salads

There’s no protein in lettuce……..I think. It contains lots of water. And a calming substance. I heard that long ago but I don’t know if I get calmer from salads. The protein in this salad comes from eggs and bacon. Eggs contain protein (we all know that) and are wonderful in salads.

Usually eggs in salads are boiled but I fried mine. I fried the bacon first and then the egg in the bacon fat. Very healthy! Unhealthy but tasty. These are my favorite proteins to add to salads. I exercise often and have to eat balanced. Protein is important because it both fills you up and builds muscles.

The salad also contained lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives and red onions. I made a dressing from olive oil and applecider vinegar. Tasty!



Kajsa is keeping mom company. After we have gone running I do strenght workout at home and she is there beside me.


She loves to run. It’s a bit hot outside and we can’t run the long winter runs but shorter distances. I wouldn’t run like I do if I didn’t have a run crazy dog. I often feel depressed and tired which makes me want to do nothing. Because Kajsa has to run I do it too. I love seeing her happy eyes when we are out. We have been running from the time Kajsa was old enough to run. She is a wonderful breed and parson jack russells are for those who like to exercise.



Body products

I like trying new beauty products. Or like is not right I’m addicted to it. My favorites are face products but I like everything. I like body care also and that’s because I like things that smell good. A creamy body lotion with a nice scent makes my day.

I never wear perfume on a regular basis and that makes me drawn to body care products that has a strong scent. I could never use perfume and strong smelling body lotions at the same time because that would make me into a walking perfume place! I often get dizzy by strong perfumes and that makes scented body lotions the best when it comes to having your body smell good.

I found these products and decided to try them. They’re TREETS body lotion and shower cream. I like them! They have a strong sweet smell. If you like candy scented body care things you’ll like these. The body lotion is rich and makes the skin soft. The shower cream is also rich and doesn’t dry out the skin.




Fast salad

20170703_163138.jpgI know the feeling. You come home late and the idea of spending time in the kitchen cooking……no! You only want something quick to eat.

I have had that feeling many times. Every time I come home after a long day I never cook anything complicated. Often I buy pizza or pick out processed food from the freezer that cooks fast. Often I only eat sandwiches but that don’t fill me up. Processed food is fine once in a while but not all the time.

I’m happy I’ve found something rather healthy to eat and it takes no time to cook. Ceasar salad. It’s from Dole. It’s called Ceasar kit and contains sliced salad, crutons, sauce and parmesan cheese. I think you can find it almost everywhere.

I buy cooked chicken at the deli counter to make it into the ceasar in the salad. You don’t have to use chicken anything goes with it. I think everything is tasty in the ceasar kit other than the parmesan cheese. It tastes like feet. The salad doesn’t lack in flavor because I don’t eat the cheese.



Noodle salad

20170702_153826I don’t think this is a “noodle noodle” salad. Noodle salad has more asian ingredients in it than noodles. I say noodles because they are good when you want a fuller salad. I could never only eat a vegetable salad because that wouldn’t satisfy me.

Salads are convenient when you want to get your daily veggie intake in your dinner. I like it but I need some substance like carbs and protein to go with it. Noodles are delicious and make salads delicious. I often add meat in salads but today I wanted noodles.

This is the dinner idea for today. It takes time to cut all veggies but it’s worth it. The veggies in the salad are salad (surprise), cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, olives and onions. Yummy!



Every place has it’s unwritten rules and norms. These are rules you have to follow or it will be hysteria all around. These rules you sometimes don’t think about. Or you never think about them. In Sweden we have all these “polite” rules.

For example swedish people would never think of not standing politely in line in grocery stores and everywhere else. We stand there and would never “cut the line” no matter what. If someone would cross that rule and not wait in line many wouldn’t say anything because we’re too polite! We think things but we don’t say them.

There’s one thing that drives me crazy but because I’m swedish I don’t say anything. Sometimes one of the local grocery stores has “member days” where members get discounts on groceries. On these days every retired person with a walking chair invade the store. I like elderly people but these I can’t take. On member days they behave like they buy all groceries they’ll need for the rest of the year. Their walking chairs are packed with all items that are discounted. What drives me crazy is that there are walking chairs everywhere. They block every inch and you can’t get to the groceries. I want to say a lot but I wait forever instead until the walking chair has another grocery on it and disappears.



Mental vacation

I had to take a mental vacation for a while. I was very tired and had to take a break from everything. I don`t feel better but my mental state is stronger. I haven`t done a lot and that is what mental vacation is. Not doing anything.

Kajsa always helps me when I feel depressed. Animals have that sense of knowing when you feel bad. She is my best friend and loves me for me. I can get these anxiety “attacks” and when I hug her they disappear.

Dogs are the best. They make you laugh. Everyone should be the way dogs are. For example they don`t dwell on everything like we do. I remember when we had a pie on the balcony. It was there to cool down after it had been baked. The balcony door was open and Kajsa went out and ate from it. She must have thought “How nice of you to make this for me. I was hungry.” Not wondering why the pie was there. Kajsa never gorges on food and she must have taken some of the pie chewed on it and then taken even more. Not a worry in the world! Not feeling stressed to eat the whole pie before we would find her.

Love her.



Give me pie.




I am crazy mentally tired. It has been hard lately. Having a lousy therapist doesn’t help!

I don’t want to tell you the whole story but I’ve been without a therapist for a long time because of many reasons. I was happy when I got one a while ago. That happiness was short lived. My reasons for meeting with a therapist is to help with my anxiety and the behaviours it creates. This my therapist makes worse!

On all our appointments she has made clear that she doesn’t know if we can work together. I feel she means she doesn’t know if she likes me! I feel like I have to behave like she wants me to otherwise I’m out the door. That makes me angry. A therapist should be there for you and not say they don’t know if you can work together! Yesterday she almost made me cry from frustration. Not because we talked about something hard but because I felt her working against me. When we talk about anxiety her advice is only to cope with it. No advice on how to cope with it just that I have to cope. When you’re doing things to beat behaviours created by anxiety I feel like throwing up and fainting. To not know how to deal with that makes it hard to do. And the anxiety behaviours is the tip of lots of things that has to be treated first.

I’ve decided to not work with her anymore. I can’t have a therapist that makes me feel worthless.


She is what makes me feel better.

Vegan dinner

Today I made a vegan dinner. Everything from the pasta to the sauce was vegan. The only part I don’t know if it’s vegan is the wheat flour in the sauce. Haha I know wheat flour isn’t meat but I never see it in vegan recepies. It must have to do with the wheat but I don’t know how. Green pea pasta with mushroom sauce. Green pea pasta! I’ve never tried that. It’s made from only green pea flour.

I don’t know what to think about the pasta. It doesn’t taste much but regular pasta doesn’t taste much either. There wasn’t much pea taste to it. The consistancy was like pasta. It’s supposed to contain much protein and that’s wonderful. If you’re vegan you will like this but I like “normal” pasta better.


The mushroom sauce was tasty! I don’t know the word for this mushroom, in Sweden it’s called “champinjon”. Anyway I fried the mushrooms (200g) in plantbased butter until they got light brown. I used salt and pepper to give some flavour. Then I added about 1 tbsp wheat flour but use the flour you like! To make it a sauce I added oat milk.


There is avocado on the plate but I left it there because it was too ripe.