I`ve been sick the last couple of days and that got me thinking. I almost know my non functioning thyroid has something to do with the cold I`ve had. A thyroid that is “broken” makes your immune system weak. I`ve never been sick this often as I have been lately and that`s why I think it has to do with the thyroid.

It`s much more common that women suffer from thyroid malfunctions than men. That`s what got me thinking. It`s not easy being a woman. We are prone to many diseases. As a woman it`s important to do whatever you can to stay healthy. In Sweden you automatically get summoned every two years after you`ve reach a certain age to have a mammography. I always do it. It only takes a couple of minutes and it doesn`t cost much. I wouldn`t be able to forgive myself if I didn`t go and then found out I had breast cancer.

Another thing I always do, also every two years, is to go to my gynechologist and have him take smear tests of the cervix. He also summons you automatically which makes it easy. I`ve had two cervix operations to remove possible cancer. Because most changes in that area don`t show symptoms it`s hard to spot them yourself.

It`s not easy being a woman but I love it!

Now something completely different. Today is the first day in a while I`ve been able to cook. These last couple of days I`ve been to sick to do that. I`ve only made instant soups. Today I made “recovery” food. Pasta with “falukorv”. “Falukorv” means falusausage. It`s a meaty sausage. This dish gives you lots of carbs from the pasta and lots of proteins from the sausage. All the things you need to get well. I served it with melon and orange salad.









I have been sick a lot lately. Now I have a cold again. I think it`s cause my thyroid is not doing what it should. I have a thyroid that works faster than it should. It`s only a minor disfunction but even a minor one can make your body break down. I used to take medicine for it but I did the stupidest thing. I stopped taking it a long time ago. I felt the medicine didn`t do anything and I stopped. I had a very low dosage of the medicine and thought it couldn`t make any difference if I didn`t take. I was wrong.

If you suffer from a malfunctioning thyroid you should take your medicine! You often have to continue taking it for the rest of your life. The thyroid is a glance on the front side of your throat. It`s not big but it does a lot. Women are most prone to have some thyroid malfunction going on. A lot of women are affected. If there`s something wrong with your thyroid it either works too fast or too slow or has something else that`s not working right.

There are symptoms to tell if your thyroid is “broken”. The most common are:

¤Your feelings are all over the place and you get mood swings.

¤You either loose or gain weight without any reason.

¤You sweat more than you normally would.

¤Skin problems.

¤The pattern of your period changes.


I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks and I will tell him this. My anxiety has also been high lately and this can be the reason. I wonder what he will say about me stopping to take the medicine.WIN_20160614_17_48_23_Pro





I love to watch reality tv shows. I know I shouldn`t but I do. My number one show is “Vanderpump rules”. These crazy people are hilarious to watch.

I think everyone knows that show but if you don`t, it`s about people working at the restaurants of Lisa Vanderpump. She is one of the participants of “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”. If you haven`t heard about thay show, go to Bravo tv and learn more. Not that it is anything to learn! Lisa Vanderpump has three restaurants and “Vanderpump rules” shows the people working at “Sur”. Or “worked” is the better word. They don`t work a lot since the show became popular.

I often say that the people in these shows are crazy and they have to be otherwise no one would watch. If they filmed calm sensibel people it would be boring. That is why I love “Vanderpump rules”. They are the craziest individuals I`ve experienced. They party like their lives depended on it. I could party with them one night and I would have to lay down for days after. They consume all this alcohol and we all know how sensibel that makes you. Not. They get drunk and fight about everything. The most crazy are Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor.

Most of them are wonderful on the outside and not that wonderful on the inside. When I think about it that`s how all of them are.. All they think about is alcohol and hooking up. Most of them are in a relationship but that hasn`t stopped them hooking up before. They have cheated on the one they`re with. They even say themselves they`ve cheated.





The cast. They are stunning. The woman with the dog is Lisa. Her dog Giggy is famous for being……….her dog. He is the sensibel one in this group.




I have to first of all say I know the picture is upside down. I`m sorry for that. I would have taken a better one if I could remember where I put the gel tube after I had taken the upside down picture. Anyway…….

I get pimples from time to time. Mostly I get them during “that week”. When I was younger though I struggled with quite bad acne. I remember how frustrating it was to get pimples no matter what I did. You`re always thinking about how you look and it`s hard to be around others. Then there wasn`t much help when it came to acne skincare. You had to use very strong “acne solution” fluids that did more harm than good. I used to wipe my whole face with these solutions. That didn`t remove the acne but it dried out my skin which lead to more break outs.

One of my favourite skin care brand is NIP FAB. They have products for every skin type. I wish I had this brand when I had acne! Whenever I get pimples I put on Glycolic fix overnight purifying gel. It makes the pimples vanish! After one or two applications they`re gone. I put the gel on the pimple in the evening and the next day it`s gone.

I don`t know if you can put it on the whole face like a moisturizer. It might be a bit harsh to the skin. For treating individual pimples though try it! Whenever I feel a pimple coming I put this product on it and I don`t have to worry about it anymore. 20170323_173927


I love skincare. The older I get the more I like it. I’m that old that I need moisture on my skin every day. Anti-age creams are my best friends.

I’m not faithful to one brand in the cream market but I usually switch between my favourite ones. I love to try new brands but I almost always stick to a couple I like. My favourite of them all is Helena Rubinstein. If it wasn’t that expensive I would use it all the time. Their creams are wonderful! And for you make up addicts, their mascaras are the best.

I don’t know why but a while ago I bought a couple of NUXE products. I hadn’t used any of their products for a long time but I bought them anyway. They are not that expensive and that was one of the reasons I bought them.

This cream Creme prodigieuse nuit is one of the products I bought. It’s not anti-age but for all skin types. It is very refreshing. It helps with skin that shows signs of fatigue. It did and it also helped to decrease wrinkles.

I give this cream 4/5. I would give it a 5 if it wasn’t for the strong smell of perfume. I like perfume in creams but this was a bit strong.

Make up

I used to wear liquid make up before. Everything from BB creams to foundations. When BB creams were new I tried lots of different brands. Foundations has been around longer and I`ve tried many different ones there too. Foundations are not my favourites when it comes to make up. I feel like it gives too much coverage.

My favourite thing to wear now is powder. I have used it before but it was long ago. I had this idea that powder would “gather” in wrinkles and enhance them. I was wrong. Powder hides wrinkles and liquid make up enhance them. I know it`s not the same for everyone but this is how it is for me. Always when I used BB creams I was thinking “I have to do something about those wrinkles”. With powder my skin is the way it normally is.

The application of powder is much easier than BB cream. BB creams gets all over the place and it`s not easy to get it on evenly. I think powder looks more natural. The natural look depends on what colour you use though! Liquid make up always stain clothes. Especially jackets get these brown stains on the collar. Powder is much better when it comes to this.

The application of powder is dependant on the applicator you use. I used to put powder on with the sponge that almost always is included. I know you know everything about this but if you`ve never tried powder before, don`t apply it with sponges! It doesn`t give you a natural look and they are not “clean”.

I don`t know about you but I rather use the brush. Both these are from elf. I love this brand! Everything but the sponge that is. The sponge was included with the powder and I used it a couple of times. I washed it after every use but this is how it ended up. The sponge pictured is washed and it looks more than dirty! I bought the kabuki brush and it does make powder application easy. It`s worth spending money on these things I`ve found.



I sometimes get a craving for greasy food. Fast and greasy food. My favourite greasy ingredient is bacon. You can`t go wrong with it. Everything tastes better with bacon.

This dish takes no time and it gives you all the grease you want.


I place a baking paper on a baking tray (no washing up!) On the paper I put oven potatoes (I bought them) and sliced bacon. In a oven tin (some washing up) I whisk eggs, butter and milk into kind of a omelette.

I bake the potatoes and bacon in the middle of the oven and put the omelette at the bottom. It all cook at once! Oven: 200 C.

Not all was greasy. I made a salad from peppers, melon and orange to make it a little bit healthy..


I serve this luxurious meal with ketchup.



I think many first world problems are problems made by the people. Many of these have shouldn`t be a problem in other parts of our planet.

One of the biggest “problem” has to be one thing we keep in our fridge. Milk. Nothing creates more “non” problems than milk.

-Is the milk too old?

-Doesn`t the milk taste funny (is it too old?).

-Who took the last of the milk without buying some new milk?

I don`t know how many times I`ve stood and smelled milk to tell if it`s good enough to drink. I`ve thrown tons of milk away before the exp. date cause I thought it smelled bad. There have probably been lots of marriages that have ended because of fights that has been about milk. I don`t mean milk has been the biggest issue but it has certainly been the last straw to a bad marriage.

Often the biggest milk problem is that there isn`t enough of it. It seems to just vanish before your eyes. Especially if you have a big family. One moment you`re planning on making dinner with some milk in it because you know there are lots of milk boxes in the fridge. Next moment someone has finished the milk and you`re off to the grocery store. All those arguments in big families.

“-What are you sisters fighting about?

-She drank the last of the milk and didn`t leave any to me.”








Kajsa is a crazy dog and needs to relax. She is always ready and willing. She has her own little haven where she doesn`t have to do anything. Her chair.