20170324_155726I find most tv ads stupid. I don’t know anyone that watches them. Or you watch them but not because you want to. They interrupt the tv show you watch and you have to wait until they end to get to the show again. Or you get some coffee while they’re on. Either or.

I don’t know how the ad makers function. The ads are either boring or unrealistic. They probably have lots of research material to help with the ad process. They know how the public think and act and that makes them come up with “smart” ads.

The most stupid ads has to be the ones involving cleaning things. Cleaning is what most find boring. I don’t know anyone that dances to get to the cleaning supplies on cleaning day. The cleaning ads could make us feel that we want to clean an that their things make it easier to do. What I think when I watch their ads is that the cleaners need help in more ways than one. Often their homes are dirty beyond reasonable dirty. There is dirt everywhere old and new one. On the floor and ceiling. It must be because the ad makers want to show how their things clean everything. One other group of cleaners are those that let their dirty kids go crazy in their clean home. Parents with newly cleaned homes laugh when the kids storm in with dirt flying off them.

Those, especially those with the crazy dirty homes needs a therapist. You don’t need cleaning things you need advice on how not to loose your mind.

Fruit cakes

Easy fruit cake.

I love cakes with fruit filling. In Sweden almost every cake with whipped cream has fruit in them. That makes the cakes lighter. I usually make fruit fillings when I make cake. Bananas are the best because they make the cakes moist.

I almost never make the actual cake myself. And I almost always use sponge cake as “the cake”. The sponge cakes you buy taste homemade and that`s good enough for me and that`s the reason I don`t bake them myself. I do think homemade cakes taste better but the one I`m using for this cake is good.


There`s lots of fillings to choose from and it can be hard to decide which will be the best. I think bananas has to be one of the filling. For the cake of the day and for the first layer I mashed two bananas. I mixed them with whipped cream, cocoa powder and sugar. I used unsweetened cocoa powder and it was too bitter without sugar.


For the second layer I made a raspberry filling. I defrosted frozen raspberries and mixed them with icing sugar. I removed the access liquid and added whipped cream to the mixture.

20170519_174454I put the third sponge layer on the raspberries. I topped it off with whipped cream, raspberries and flaked almond.


It was very delicious. It was juicy and fruity.



I have to eat in the evening. Sometimes I’m more hungry than usual and then this is good!

Meatball sandwich! Toasted bread with beetroot salad and sliced meatballs. Beetroot salad consists of pickled beetroots and mayonaise.


Yummy snack.


I think reality tv shows are a hilarous to watch. Especially because the participants are crazy. Vanderpump rules is my favorite show. They drink and sleep around and that’s what they do. They are gorgeous but insane.

That makes me think about dogs. They are more uncomplicated than anything. Haha I don’t know what they have got to do with reality shows but what if there was a reality show about dogs. It would only be one episode with every different cast. Dogs solve their problems with each other right away. People in reality shows holds on to everything forever and that’s why the shows last. Dogs would fight and solve it in the first episode. Then they would walk around and sniff the others in the behind.

Episode one of “The real dogs in the hood”. The dogs are brought together in the dog park. They fight to establish the pack order. The smallest dog wins and becomes the leader of all the others. Episode one ends. That would be the shortest tv show ever.

Everything would be better if we were a bit like dogs. They care about who you are not what you are. They are the best there is.


Green yumminess

I had the thought today that I`m a mother. It`s mother`s day and I`m a fur mother! I haven`t thought about it but I`m the proud mother of Kajsa. She is a dog but my dog baby. I hope all mothers (and everyone else) have a good day.

I have been a vegetarian from time to time and when you are you learn how to cook with vegetables. There are many things you can make out of every vegetable. Being a vegetarian is not all about eating raw vegetables. I think vegetarian food often is more delicious than food that contain meat.

Today I made oven baked squash. Squash is a versatile vegetable. It doesn`t taste much but with spices it`s delicious.


I cut the squash into slices. I covered the slices with flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs. I begin with flour then egg then bread crumbs. I added salt and pepper in the egg.

I put the slices on a tray covered with baking paper. I added some butter on them to give them a crunchy surface. I also made a salad consisting of tomatoes and peppers in a tinfoil. I mixed the vegetables with olive oil and spices. The potatoes were bought but they taste like homemade ones. I baked everything in the oven at 200 C for 30 minutes.

Sometimes when you have eaten healthy food you can treat yourself to a little bit of cake. This is a “Princess cake”. We bought this but if you want to make it this is how you do it.


Beginning from the bottom of the cake you take a thin slice of sponge cake and cover it with raspberry jam. Place another thin slice of sponge cake on top of it. Spread a thin layer of custard on it. Cover the second layer with lots of whipped cream. Put a third layer of sponge cake on top of the cream. Cover the whole cake with marzipan.



All that cream.





I love pancakes. I have always loved them. I remember when I was younger and couldn’t flip them around. They always broke but I didn’t care. My friends cared! They didn’t want to eat the pile of pancake strands I served.

Today I’ve learned to flip them with a spatula. Ovenbaked are the easiest though because they cook themselves. Even if regular pancakes cooks fast the ones in the oven are more conveniant.

For dinner I made oven baked blueberry pancake. I used fresh blueberries because frozen ones makes the pancake too loose while it cooks. I also used oatmilk so it’s good for all of you that don’t tolerate cows milk.

I never cook from recepies (normally) and I can’t give you amounts on the ingredients. Or I can tell you I use 4 eggs for this pancake. I mix them with milk and flour until the batter gets the texture of a thin white sauce. I put lots of butter at the bottom of the oven tin I’m using. That gives a fuller taste and it prevents the pancake from sticking to the tin.

I added blueberries to the tin and baked the pancake for 20 minutes at 210 C.

Serve with lingonberry jam.




I think the older I get the more skin products I have to have. I get that I use more than I have to but without products I feel another wrinkle coming. I also get that I can’t feel wrinkles coming but when you’re obsessed with skin care you think those things.

I have creme’s for every part of my face. Creme’s and serum’s. I have to have serum’s. That’s something I’ve been crazy about lately. Creme’s alone are not enough. Serum’s make all products work deeper.

I’ve tried many serum’s and my favorite is Vichy and their “Supreme” serum. It’s anti-everything. Anti-aging. Anti-pores. It’s magical for every skin type. My skintone gets more even and wrinkles get less prominant.

I give the serum 4/5. I give it a 4 because it’s expensive.


I remember when I grew up. Everything was easier. Gather around and I will tell you about ancient history. Haha not quite but almost.

We didn`t have cell phones when I grew up. That has to be the biggest difference to now. Today no one could live without it. When I was young you had to actually interract with people. You used your phone to call people! We never texted each other or played games on it. I don`t know how we made it without cell phones. As teenagers we were out all the time and partied on weekends. Sometimes you were going to a party and were supposed to meet your friends at a certain place. If you knew you couldn`t make it in time there was no one to call because they were all waiting at the meeting place. If you were a naughty girl that wasn`t coming home after a party in town you had to find a pay phone to call home. I don`t know how many times I spend the end of the night looking for a phone to call my mom (haha most of the time we went to an after party but we never said that) . When you found a phone you had to have coins to put in it. I always said I was going to spend the night at a friend who lived alone.

In Sweden back in the days we used to serve tinned pears as dessert. Not only pears but oven baked with a thin mint chocolate piece on top. The chocolate (After eight) was something you only ate at special occasions such as dinner parties. We also ate lots of homemade pizza`s with ketchup on them. My favorite food used to be boiled artichoke dipped in butter.

In school we didn`t have computer science. We had type writing classes. Most of the type writers were manual ones where you had to use force to be able to push down the keys. You had to fight to get the electric machines which were easier to use. Then we had to write these stupid texts which didn`t mean anything.

Speaking of cell phones. I remember when they became an household item. I said I would never get one. Being available all the time!



You couldn`t pick your own candy back then. You had to say to the sales person what candy to put in the paper bag.



I love black pudding. I never think about the content when I eat it. In Sweden we call it “blood pudding”. It contains animal blood but it doesn`t taste of it.

The black pudding comes in a big chunk. You slice it and fry it. I want thin slices because otherwise it gets a bit too much to chew. I always fry black pudding until it gets a crunchy surface. It tastes better that way.

I must have bacon with black pudding. I like it the way it is but with bacon it`s better. Lingonberry jam is important. Black pudding needs that.



I love pasta. It makes everything taste good. I think pasta is under rated these days. Everytime it’s talked about it has to do with that it contains too much carbs. You need both carbs and protein but carbs have become something bad.

Like pasta I find comfort food under rated. Today all restaurants serve “new” food but it’s hard to find uncomplicated things. In Sweden we have something called “husmanskost” which is food that has been around for long. It’s food like boiled pork and fried pork with onion sauce. Everyone is crazy about it but it’s hard to get when you’re out to eat.

Pasta bolognese has become “husmanskost” and it’s no restaurant that serve it. They do but there is always something “new” to it. It can be that the sauce is made with pickled meat or onion and it doesn’t taste right. Today I made pasta bolognese. Simple bolognese. Minced beef with tomatoe puree, milk, cream and onions. I always use milk to make it into a sauce. Water is too thin I find. I used to add water but milk is better. Cream gives is a good taste.

I used to be bad at making bolognese sauce. Now I’ve learned and I think there are two important factors that makes a successful bolognese.

*”Boil” the liquid out of the minced meat before you add the rest of the ingredients.

*If you put tomatoe puree in the sauce let it cook for a while in the pan with the meat before adding liquid.