Fake tan

I’m not a fan of self tanning products. I’ve tried lots of them. Often you get this yellow color or they turn very dark once they’ve been on the face for a while. My best advice when it comes to self tanning is do not use a new kind of them the day before an important event. It doesn’t have to be important. Don’t try a new self tanner unless you don’t have anything to do the day after! I have made that mistake many times.

Once we were having many friends over. I used an over night self tanner the night before. Instead of buying a tanner that would give a light sun tanned look I bought one that would make you either dark or VERY dark. I read the instructions. It said to apply a thin layer before bed. I used two thick layers of the tanning cream. The next day………..my face had this dark yellow color. Also I had avoided to put the tanning cream near my eyes which made my face yellow with white circles around my eyes! I tried to put make up on to hide it but it didn’t help. I used concealer around my eyes. I used many layers of foundation on my face. Nothing helped! I had to walk around with a yellow face with white eye circles!

A christmas inspired picture!

I’ve found that there’s one way to get the self tanner to look natural. Put it on in the morning after your moisturizer. It often says that you should put it on a clean face. Don’t do it. Then you get that crazy color from it. When you put it on after moisturizing it gives a more natural tanned look.

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