I didn’t have any other idea for the title than that. I thought I would make my first post this year a bit on the funnier side. This is about things you don’t wanna hear. The wrong words at the wrong time!

The first wrong words are when you’re on a flight somewhere. The captain of the plain talks to you over the speaker system at least one time on every flight. I always feel safe when he or she sounds calm and like they’ve just eaten something. And they say the same things captain’s always say. “We are at this and this height” and so on. You don’t wanna hear this. The captain doesn’t know the speaker system is on. “What is this button?” And then “I shouldn’t have pushed it.” Crash!

Mama bear with glasses!

You’re at a restaurant. You hear from the kitchen “What do you mean you put rat poison in the soup instead of salt.” Not only have they poisoned the soup but they have a rat problem!

Little white nose and ears!

You’ve had surgery done. The doctor’s don’t think you hear them. “The right leg? I thought it was the left.”

You leave the hair salon. Before you go the hair stylist says “Oh and if you hair falls out……….” Just that. You’ve probably had your hair bleached too long. I once had a perm and lost half my hair. They should have told me the lose your hair part. Then I would have been prepared!

That was some situations you don’t wanna find yourself in.

Happy new year to all of you!

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