Keeping weight

I haven’t mentioned my weight struggles in a long time. I have told and showed you my big belly. I have actually managed to keep the fat away from my belly. Or I have times where I have put on weight on my belly and the rest of my body but mostly I somehow seem to keep the same weight all the time. There’s no secret about it. I workout like crazy! That’s the only reason I don’t put on much weight. Thankfully I love to exercise. I workout almost everyday. I do lower body workout one day. The next day I workout my upper body. And I always do around 25 minutes of ab workout with every workout. I have to do that otherwise my belly would be very very big. I like the ab workout the least but that’s the most important part of every workout.

I eat the same food I always have. I’m aware of the fact that changing my diet would help a lot but I love food. To eat healthy all the time would make me feel sad. I’m depressed enough and I don’t want to change my diet and get even sicker. I eat breakfast, dinner, an evening meal and later a tasty snack. I always drink a protein shake after working out. That keeps me full for a while. The protein shakes also takes away the sugar cravings I used to have all day before I began drinking them. For all of you having very bad sugar cravings try drinking a protein shake everyday even if you don’t workout. That could hopefully help you overcome some of the cravings.

This is what my camera did. It transformed me into wearing a nose piercing!

I understand that many of you don’t like working out or that you don’t lose any weight when you do some kind of exercising. To me it’s easy because not only do I like working out but it also helps me to lose weight. Try to workout even if you don’t like it. Or if you don’t see any changes in your body when you exercise try to do different and harder workouts. I could advice you to eat healthier but because I don’t do that it would feel wrong for me to tell you to try that. Don’t get me wrong. Everyday is a struggle for me to keep my weight. I workout and all that but sometimes it feels hopeless when I put on weight even though I try to do all I can not to. All I can say is we’re in this together.

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