I am addicted to exercise. I’m addicted to train everything but my abs. I think I have never felt stronger than now but my abs……….They’re a disgrace. I have felt my belly getting bigger but I thought it was muscles. I have never prioritize the abs. I have thought they got enough exercise while I was training the rest of my body. When I gain weight it’s only my belly that gets bigger. I’ve had a slim belly for a long time now but now it’s getting crazy. I eat a lot but I have never had a problem with that before. Every part except my belly can take lots of food and not show any signs of putting on weight.

Happy to have done my workout thinking all of me got trained.

I must do abs exercises with every workout from now on. I find I’m feeling better when I weigh a little more than I should but I don’t want a belly that’s too big. I could eat less but my body craves lots of food especially when I’m exercising this hard (except my belly then). I took pictures today and I’ll give you a warning they’re not pretty. My belly is big and it’s hanging both in the front and on the sides. I took the pictures to compare them with my belly when I’ve done ab exercises.

I want to feel this happy with every part of my body.

I’ve had troubles with putting my socks on and that shows how much my belly is in the way. I can’t help but wonder how my belly can get fat when the rest of my body gets muscles. I thought I was slim but I’m not. I feel bad showing you my belly but I want you to know how it looks now and when I’ve done some training. I’m ashamed.


I do not drink alcohol or smoke however I’m addicted to one thing. Exercise. That’s my addiction. I actually don’t think you can call something healthy an addiction but If you do it too much it is.

I have to force myself to not over exercise. I could do it for hours everyday but I struggle to do it at a healthy “rate”. I do it normally for an hour a day. Three or four days in a row and then I have an exercise free day. I workout to videos on Youtube. There are an endless amount of videos and it’s great to have lots to choose from. Exercise can never replace anxiety and depression medicins but it helps. If I didn’t workout I couldn’t stand all the pain I feel i side. My anxiety gets better for a little while when I’ve had exercised and that means everything to me. When your body is drained of all energi after a workout the anxiety gets lower. It’s not for long however everything counts when it comes to feeling better.

I much rather workout at home than in a gym. At a gym there are often too many people. All the workout equipments are occupied and it takes a long time to exercise cause you have to wait for dumbbells anmachines. I think exercising could help many with mental illness. I know how hard it can be to get going in the beginning to exercise but once you have tried you will feel how you get stronger both physically and mentally.

Yay I did it.


Protein salads

There’s no protein in lettuce……..I think. It contains lots of water. And a calming substance. I heard that long ago but I don’t know if I get calmer from salads. The protein in this salad comes from eggs and bacon. Eggs contain protein (we all know that) and are wonderful in salads.

Usually eggs in salads are boiled but I fried mine. I fried the bacon first and then the egg in the bacon fat. Very healthy! Unhealthy but tasty. These are my favorite proteins to add to salads. I exercise often and have to eat balanced. Protein is important because it both fills you up and builds muscles.

The salad also contained lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives and red onions. I made a dressing from olive oil and applecider vinegar. Tasty!



Kajsa is keeping mom company. After we have gone running I do strenght workout at home and she is there beside me.


She loves to run. It’s a bit hot outside and we can’t run the long winter runs but shorter distances. I wouldn’t run like I do if I didn’t have a run crazy dog. I often feel depressed and tired which makes me want to do nothing. Because Kajsa has to run I do it too. I love seeing her happy eyes when we are out. We have been running from the time Kajsa was old enough to run. She is a wonderful breed and parson jack russells are for those who like to exercise.




I`ve found a good way to exercise. Walking. I can`t run because of my cold that never stops. If I run my throat get sore and it`s not worth it. Walking is perfect. I walk fast and almost keep the speed I do when I run. It`s perfect for clearing your mind too. I get to think about things.

Kajsa loves it. She gets to smell things more when we walk. She gets tired even if we don`t run. I usually stop along the way and sit down with her. We sit and experience being there and then. To do nothing but only be is good for your mind. Kajsa needs to slow down and this is a good way to relax.



Fluffy fur I know.


I want to run again but I don`t know when that will be. I feel healthy from time to time but when I run I get sick. It`s better to walk than not exercise at all.



Those socks!



Kajsa loves to run. Me too. We haven’t gone running for a while and Kajsa has gone crazy because of that. Or I write for a “while” but it’s only been a few days. She would run everyday if she could and she would love it. I can’t run everyday and if we take it easy for more than one day she gets hysterical. She has all this energy that has to be let out. When we then do run she can’t go fast enough.

I often don’t want to run before I do it. It takes all my energy just to get out the door. After I have run though I feel good. Kajsa is what keeps me running. I know she loves and needs it and I do it for her. She is a lovely running buddy and couldn’t be more excited when she gets her harness on.


After every run she gets into a pillow fight and the pillows fly everywhere.

Chocolate thing

I think this protein obsession that`s all over the place at the moment is crazy. Every where there is some advice that you should eat more of it. Manufacturers know that protein is big business and they want to cash in. Now there are protein in almost all kinds of food. Most people don`t need all this protein that`s out there. Commercials makes us believe that we can`t have enough of it. There should be protein involved in all we eat.

I know I have fallen for protein drinks. After exercise I drink them. I could just make a sandwich but it`s easier to mix powder with milk. The sandwich would probably do a better job with my recovery but I`m sticking to my powder. I have found a product I do buy from time to time. I don`t eat it after exercise I eat it as a snack. Many protein products are disgusting but this is tasty. It`s a chocolate flavoured protein pudding. I eat it when I`m hungry and need something more than just a sandwich. I make it unhealthy though cause I eat it with double cream.

I think it would be great after exercise though. If you don`t like protein drinks you should try it. It has a great taste and it`s easy to eat. It even comes with a spoon.


I like to exercise and I like to go all in. I want to be exhausted after workouts and to be sore the day after. All of you that workout know what I mean. To be sore is to make progress. I have despite this started to enjoy doing stretches which is the opposite of soreness. I think it helps when it comes to the workout itself.

Today I only did flexibility stretches for my workout. I find that it helps building my strength. When I train hard I get the soreness that makes me unable to workout the way I want to. It`s  like my body tells me that it needs to rest. I always stretch after training but only for a short while. To do a whole stretch routine is very helpful in the healing process. I have more energy when I workout the days after a thorough stretch routine.



When you exercise it`s important to feed your body with the right nutrition to make it recover well. I know that protein and carbs are good but I wonder what to actually eat. Eggs are high in protein and oatmeal is a great source of carbs but should you eat boiled eggs and oatmeal porridge to recover after you`ve exercised?

I have been drinking protein and carb shakes after training for a while and I think it works well. I have to write “think” because I`m not convinced it does. I watched a tv show where they tried this theory that shakes are good recovery nutrition and I don`t know what to think. In one of the tests they had a man working out on one leg only and then he drank some protein shake. They took a sample of his muscle tissue, after drinking the shake, in both legs and it showed that the protein actually went to the muscles in both his legs. His trained leg got most of the protein though. Another test had a group of people divided into two groups. One group drank protein shakes after exercising and the other was given a drink that wasn`t enriched. No one was told which group they belonged to. The test showed that both groups achieved the same result of their training regardless to what they drank. All right, one test showed that protein shakes get absorbed by muscles but then another says that it doesn`t make any difference if you drink them.

That`s why I don`t know what to think.


Kajsa loves when we exercise. We run almost everyday. She is the best little running companion. She never says no and she likes it. We have been running since she was old enough to do it. I have always exercised and I have done many various sports. Running is my favourite one because you don`t have to travel to a gym. It doesn`t cost much ( it can be if you choose expensive clothes ) and you get to be outside. I love this time of year because it`s the best to run when the air is crisp and cold. I never run, or I might do short runs, in the summer because it`s too warm for Kajsa then.

I have started doing strength exercises at home after every run. I feel that my running gets much better when I do that. I like to build my strength and not just my running skills. I also like that you don`t have to be in a gym to do it. I think it`s frustrating to be in a room with others where you have to wait for the machine you want. Often I have had to skip machines because everyone else was using it.

Kajsa snores in the sofa when I do my exercises. She gets her sleep and I get my strength.