I have told you about the dog I had. She had to be put down because she was very sick. I have been so sad since then. I can’t get over losing my best friend. She kept me alive. She made my anxiety and depression feel less bad. I felt ill when I had her but she needed me and I thought about doing the best I could for her more than how I felt.

Me and my mom have thought about getting a dog to ease the pain but I’m not ready for a dog. I don’t think I’ll ever get ready to have a dog again. I think I probably would feel happier with a dog but at the moment I can’t. Instead we are dogsitting! We dogsit a wonderful chihuahuamix named Musse. He is a young male dog. When we first met him he was afraid of us and everyone except his family. We put a lot of work in to make him trust us. Now he does and we love him! One of the best things about him is that he doesn’t find going on a walk funny. I suffer from social anxiety. I don’t think going for a walk is funny either. He has to go out but our walks are very short. After a walk we both feel we can breath and relax. I’ve never experienced a dog that doesn’t wanna go out. Now that I have I think it’s the best thing ever. He is very kind and seems to love both me and my mom. Where ever we are he is too. He wants to be around us all the time.

Everything is a lot funnier with a dog. I won’t buy one but dogsitting is wonderful. When you have dogs you often do the same things with them over and over again. We did. We walked the same area everytime and so on. With dogsitting you try to play and spend more time with the dog. I’m not meaning that those who have dogs walk the same area or don’t play with their dogs! Not at all. I admire all of you with dogs because you all seem to take such good care of them! It was because of my illness. I was too tired to do anything exciting with my dog. We did things but not often enough. She had a life of luxuary and love but I could have done more when it came to stimulate her mentally.

This dog we dogsit get to play a lot. Not outside because there he doesn’t wanna do anything funny. We cuddle and kiss him all day long (which we did with our dog too). This is the best thing I’ve done in a while! My anxiety and depression gets less hard when we have him! Dogs are lovely.

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