I used to date a lot when I was younger. When I write date I mean just date not sleep around with every man I met. Now I’m single and I never wanna have a romantic relationship again. I dated much especially in the 90’s. Then there were no internet or online dating. You often met someone at a club or at a party.

I once met a man at a club me and my friends often went to. I don’t remember a lot about how we met. He probably asked me to dance and we began talking. We decided to go on a date. I don’t remember what we did on our date either but we could have had dinner or something. We didn’t drink alcohol. I remember that because of what occured next. We had our date and he told me he had a motorcycle. He didn’t use it to get to the date but we began talking about the motorcycle. He asked if I would go for a ride on it. I did. He told me to wait in town for him when he went home to get it. That’s why I remember we didn’t drink alcohol. Otherwise we wouldn’t have done it. He came back after a short while. He came with his bike and a helmet for me. We decided to go skinny dipping at a beach where I used to go during the summer. This was summer but in the evening. We went to the beach. There would just be an evening swim nothing else.

We got to the beach, parked the bike in the parking lot. The beach was a couple of minutes away. We went there and went in the water for a while. We were both fascinated with the light our movements created in the water. After this we got dressed. We went to the parking lot and………..the bike was totally stripped of everything! The wheels, engine and everything else was gone! The thiefs had left some parts. They could have taken the whole bike instead of leaving what they left. My date went hysterical. I often laugh in these situations and had to hide how hilarious I found everything about it. At this time no one had cell phones. We had to knock at the door of some random house and use their phone to call someone to pick us and the “bike” up. This was a sign of things to come. He was mentally abusing me and I left him shortly after we met. A “fun” date.

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