Voff and hi from Kajsa and me. We`ve had a long vacation. We haven`t done many things but we`ve relaxed. This summer was the coldest for a while but that`s a good summer to me. I sweat easy and when it`s warm outside it`s a sweat fest. Not a fest exactly but you know what I mean.


We were thinking about doing some travelling this summer but we didn`t. I think the best vacation is to do nothing. Boring to some but I love it. The one thing I would love to do is to rent a boat with my mom. Not because I love boats but the thought of me and my mom on a boat is crazy. My mom would fall overboard all the time and neither one of us know how to ride a boat. We would have to sleep in the same room, or what it`s called, and Kajsa would get hysterical in the tiny space between us in the bed. When I was younger we had a boat but that was different then. Now when we`re both old and haven`t even seen a boat for years it would get out of control.

Take care for now.







I came across something hilarious. There`s a swedish site where you can talk about everything that has to do with family. There was a woman there that wrote about her partner eating her fish in her aquarium.

The woman had thought about her aquarium was having less fish by the minute. She thought the fish had eaten each other. Then there was this time when she went to bed and her partner was up playing his playstation. She went up during the night and found her partner standing with a net by the aquarium. She saw him grabbing fish from the net and eat them. She got angry and they argued. She caught him eating fish more times and they talked about what to do. They decided he was going to buy his own aquarium with fish he could eat.

To even have a discussion about someone eating fish from an aquarium is crazy. It`s like I would find teeth marks on Kajsa`s legs and finding out my partner had eaten on them. Everyone else fights about money and those things in their relationship. Anyway he bought his aquarium but couldn`t keep his net from hers. He kept eating her fish. Then she added that her partner had finally gone insane and had eaten all hers and his fish. He left after that and said that aquarium fish was better in other places. I think he was insane to begin with. He must have lost the last of his mind when he stuffed himself with all those fish.

I laughed the whole way through. This woman wrote about it seriously and not only I thought it was a joke. There was a person who tried to help and not laugh and thought that it was wrong to eat pets. That`s the least you can say about this whole thing. If I found someone eat on my animals I would throw them out!


Don’t eat!





I think everyone has had energy thiefs in their lives. These thiefs take all your energy whenever they’re around.

If you have these people around you, get rid of them! Haha don’t poison them but get as far away from them as you can. It’s easy to say, some you are stuck with. I used to work at a place where K came along after a while. She was one of the worst people I’ve ever met. Not long after she began working she made these rules on what you should think and do. She was insane. Back then I never spoke up and said how I felt which made me too afraid to tell her how crazy she was. Not only that but because I was too timid she used to be mean to me. Today I would have said something. Now I don’t work there anymore but she was a energy thief that made me exhausted.

Sometimes you don’t realize you have a thief near by. Family can hide a lot of energy stealers. You often give family (and friends) the benefit of a doubt and don’t feel the stealing going on. I have relatives that could be the heads of the energy thiefs association. They invade every place they visit with their attitude of that they’re right. I made a decision a long time ago that I would avoid these people and I have. Not all the time but at lots of family gatherings. No energy thieves!


She gives me energy.