I remember a summer when me and a friend went to a swedish island for a vacation. We were staying at a B&B. We were 17 years old I think. My friend brought half her kitchen supplies with her because we thought you had to if you wanted to cook. We brought party clothes because we were gonna party a lot…………… we thought.

First we took a taxi to the train station that was only a couple of minutes away because my friend’s kitchen supplies was to heavy for us carry. We took the train to a town where we had to switch to a bus to take us to the B&B. On the train we were young girls doing what young girls do. We laughed and talked loudly about intimate things. Everything went fine and we took the bus after the train ride. The busdriver let us off at the bus stop but we didn’t see a B&B anywhere. We took a taxi and I think it was 500 meters he drove us! The bus had stopped where the B&B were but we didn’t see it! I wonder what the taxi driver thought about it.

Then we checked in and in this place you slept many in one room but we found a little room with only two beds and decided to put our bags there. Then. ……….. we were going grocery shopping and it took us an our to get there by foot. It was raining heavily and there we were walking and soaking wet. There were no other way to get there. We bought unhealthy food and then walked for another hour to get to the B&B with bags filled and heavy with groceries.

When we got there all our bags were thrown out of the little room by two older women who wanted that room! Alright we choose beds and went to sleep. The next day we were going to spend in our sweat pants until we would get ready to go out and party. When we sat there on our beds the manager came in and said we had to leave the B&B for a couple of hours. It was the rules. I don’t know why but there were a couple of hours the B&B had to be empty. We had to leave without having taken a shower and in our sweat pants! We just walked around and didn’t know what to do. We spent hours in a restaurant where we wrote post cards to everyone we knew. The rest of the time we walked around. When we were allowed back we were tired and didn’t want to party. We cooked our dinner in a kitchen filled with all the guests cooking at the same time! Chaos! I remember a whole family just sitting there waiting for us to finish cooking. Very relaxing! We ate and had nothing to do.

In the evening we wanted to watch tv. Let’s say we were 25 people in the tv room and one man decided what we were gonna watch. No one said anything but we all wanted the man to leave so we could watch something exciting.

After one night we felt this was nothing for us. We had booked to stay there one week and we told the manager we wanted to leave the next day. It wasn’t easy to get our money back but we got them.

The next day we took the bus to the town where the train was departing from. We spend all our money on food and things we wanted! My friend lived alone and she had no money after this. Fast forward my mom helped her out with food.

I haven’t mentioned everything we went through but it was crazy from beginning to end. I especially remember all the kitchen supplies my friend brought. We later found out the B&B kitchen had everything you could possibly need! I’ll never forget it!

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