I haven’t traveled or anything like that. That’s not why I’ve been absent. I want to tell you there’s been a crazy time. Instead I’ve had every flu that’s out there. I fell sick and when I though I was through with it I got sick again. I am the happiest when I do nothing however this was more than nothing. I couldn’t do anything.

I do a little post this time. I have to tell you I ate more candy than normal during this. I know sugar isn’t a flu cure but it helps. We currently have these candy bags and they’ll help me getting well.


There’s honestly one more bag somewhere. You can’t have enough sugary goodies.


Anxiety. Chocolate cake and whipped cream helps.

Depression. Chocolate cake and whipped cream helps with that also.

Anxiety and depression at the same time. Chocolate cake, whipped cream and berries helps.

When that doesn’t help have not only one but two pieces of cake. With more whipped cream and berries.





I have had a sugar craving for some days. I don’t know why I can do without sugar some days and then suddenly I have to have sugar. I have told you about how I chew on sugarfree gum to not eat candy. Now however gum doesn’t help.


Today after dinner I ate candy until I felt sick. I had everything from chocolate to sugary candy. I can’t only have some candy. I have to have lots. All candy eaters know how it is. You eat until you you feel full. You eat candy you enjoy but you also eat candy you don’t enjoy if that’s all you have. I don’t think all chocolate is tasty but if I only have non favorite chocolate at home during my sugar cravings I eat it. I don’t want it but I eat it anyway. I love candy.




I like pastries. Yesterday was “Gustav adolfs” day in Sweden. I’m not an expert on why we celebrate that day but the main thing is that we eat pastries. When you hear “Gustav adolfs” day you think about whipped cream and unhealthy things.

My mom had the important mission to buy pastries for her and I. She went to some places cause they were hard to find. There either weren’t any. That or they were sold out. She found a coffee shop that had the pastries. Or not any “Gustav adolf” pastries but everyday pastries where they put a portrait made by chocolate of that Gustav man. I think they made a pastry for this day before but I don’t know if they make it anymore.

My mom bought four pastries. The coffee shop had two different pastries with the chocolate Gustav. She bought two of each. One was a chocolate pastry. It was a chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse. The second was a “Napoleon” pastry. That is a pastry with whipped cream between layers of puff pastry.


The chocolate one was a bit much. I couldn’t eat the whole pastry. I did eat the whole “Napoleon” though. And I ate both on the same day.




I have a first world problem.

When you buy candy and one of the candy pieces have sugar on it. Because of that everything in the candy bag gets sugary! Everything taste like the sugar coated candy.

There is one solution. Use two bags. One for the sugar candy and one for the non sugary candy. I would do that but I’m too lazy.



Raspberry cake.

I think raspberries are good in cakes. They have that sharp taste cakes crave. Blueberries are also tasty but they are a bit mild in flavour. I often think frozen raspberries are best because they are even sharper in taste then the fresh berries.

I made raspberry cakes this week. They are called “Sticky raspberry cakes”. I made them thicker than they should be and that made them not sticky but they were delicious. They are easy to make and that`s what`s best about them.




200 g butter

4 eggs

5 dl sugar

6 dl wheat flour

1 tsp vanilla sugar

Flaked almonds

3 dl frozen berries


Melt the butter and let it cool.

Stir in the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar (I put in 2 tsp instead) and flour.


Spread the batter in an oven tin. The recepy said to use a big one but I used a smaller and I put a baking paper at the bottom of it.

Sprinkle the berries and flaked almonds on top of it. There wasn`t any amount on how much almonds to use. I like almonds and used around 2 dl.


Bake for 30 minutes at 175 C in the middle of the oven.





Fruit cakes

Easy fruit cake.

I love cakes with fruit filling. In Sweden almost every cake with whipped cream has fruit in them. That makes the cakes lighter. I usually make fruit fillings when I make cake. Bananas are the best because they make the cakes moist.

I almost never make the actual cake myself. And I almost always use sponge cake as “the cake”. The sponge cakes you buy taste homemade and that`s good enough for me and that`s the reason I don`t bake them myself. I do think homemade cakes taste better but the one I`m using for this cake is good.


There`s lots of fillings to choose from and it can be hard to decide which will be the best. I think bananas has to be one of the filling. For the cake of the day and for the first layer I mashed two bananas. I mixed them with whipped cream, cocoa powder and sugar. I used unsweetened cocoa powder and it was too bitter without sugar.


For the second layer I made a raspberry filling. I defrosted frozen raspberries and mixed them with icing sugar. I removed the access liquid and added whipped cream to the mixture.

20170519_174454I put the third sponge layer on the raspberries. I topped it off with whipped cream, raspberries and flaked almond.


It was very delicious. It was juicy and fruity.



Today`s “semla” day in Sweden. I wrote about this cake a while ago and cause it`s that delicious I`ll do it again. “Semla” is a wheatbun (packed with cardamom) filled with whipped cream and almond paste. You cut the bun in half (the bottom part should be bigger than the top). Put almond paste on the bottom bun and top with whipped cream. Put the lid on and sprinkle icing sugar on it. You eat the lid first and you dip it in the whipped cream.

20170228_152528It`s “semla” day today but we begin eating it some months before this day. Many are probably tired of it by now cause they have eaten too many already. It used to be something you looked forward to and only ate for a short period of time. Now you can get it from christmas until whenever (almost). I think you can buy it for another couple of months which is not good. I think it only should be available for a short amount of time to keep it this thing you long for. Now after a “semla” season you think you will never eat it again because you`ve eaten too many.





We don’t celebrate Valentines Day in this family at all. Or we do but only with valentine cakes.

This cake is normally called “Princess cake” and the marzipan on top is usually green. Just because it’s Valentines Day the marzipan is pink and there’s a red heart made from marzipan on top of it all. It looks wonderful though!

I like this cake! All that whipped cream and vanilla cream is tasty. To make you get a hint of what it tastes like I will describe what’s in it. The whole cake is covered in marzipan which I love. I think marzipan makes all cakes taste good! Under the marzipan there’s spongecake, whipped cream, vanilla cream and raspberry jam.



I love cinnamon. I especially like it in cakes and buns. I love to use it when I bake cause of the smell (and taste)! It smells good when you bake cinnamon buns for instance.

When it comes to cinnamon buns I would make them often if it wasn`t for how long it takes to bake them. The dough needs a lot of work and all that kneading takes a long time. Don`t get me started on the rising time. It`s a lot of rising involved. That`s why I`m excited I have found out how to make the easiest cinnamon buns.

I`ve made homemade pizza a couple of times and I always buy the dough. Everytime I make the pizza I think the dough feels like the dough you you get when you make cinnamon buns. I have thought about trying to make cinnamon buns out of the pizza dough and today I tried it.

20170212_154951The pizza dough.

20170212_155406I spread butter on the dough and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top of it.

20170212_162725I rolled the dough and cut it in pieces. I placed the pieces in cupcake paper (I don`t know the right word). I brushed them with beaten eggs and added some pearl sugar.

20170212_164221Cinnamon buns!

They are best eaten right away cause they get a bit too hard after a while.