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I want to say a big Thank you to all my new and old followers for reading my blog. For the moment I’m into Instagram big time. I love to write here but because my depression is hard at the moment and I find Instagram easier because you can write shorter post. I write lots there. I’m not saying I think writing blog posts are hard but now I get tired whatever I do and that’s why I’m just here sometimes.

On my Instagram I write about the same things I do here.

A thing that I posted on Instagram.

Sugar free sugar. “Our sugar free cookies contain 2 cups of sugar.”

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I love staying in hotels. It’s the best vacation to not have to do anything but just be. Although……….

I watched an english show where a comedian told how dirty hotel rooms were. She took her own pillow and duvet with her because she didn’t want to sleep in the things the hotels had. I know what she means. It’s disgusting to think about what goes on in hotel beds! I try not to think about it but when you find a dark curly hair in the bed it’s hard not to. I would never buy a used bed and a hotel beds are used to say the least.

She also said the remote control is the dirtiest thing in hotels. Yuck! Haha I won’t say what she said about it but it had to do with men staying alone and what they did while they were there. Disgusting!

I used to clean hotel rooms for a while when I was a university student. You never knew what you would find when you opened the door to the room you were cleaning. The beds were often full of things that shouldn’t be there. I remember one time another cleaner found a room full of blood. I don’t know what had happened but it couldn’t be enjoyable to clean it.