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I have a new place where you can find me. It’s Instagram. I am not stopping to post here but for now there is where I am. ceciliahelin.39.

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Fish fingers


I know this is a first world problem!

I made fish fingers for dinner today and the box it came in got me thinking. First of all it had 15 fish fingers in it. Our familj consist of an even amount of members. That means someone will get one fish finger less at one dinner. That was me. I only got three pieces of fish because I’m like that. I rather have me missing out than anyone else.

The second thought I had while making dinner was this. It said on the fish finger box the fish consisted of 100 % fish. I know they meant there wasn’t added artificial things to the fish but think about it. You buy fish because you want fish. If I wanted pork I would have bought pork. Important thoughts I know.


I love all animals. I feel safe with animals. They want you for you and don’t have hidden motives. They trust you and they do everything to make you feel good. I don’t know what I would do without Kajsa. I used to have no strength and cried all day. Now I have Kajsa. I have to think of her and put her first. I think whatever animal you have they’re the best cure for any illness. I would have a deeper depression if I didn’t have Kajsa.

I was diagnosed with depression a long time ago. I couldn’t work or do anything then. I survived cause I was dogsitting a dog when her family wanted me to. I loved that dog. She felt like my dog because I had her often. She was there and didn’t mind if I was sad. Kajsa is wilder than the “rescue” dog however I love her.





I think it’s important to try and eat healthy. Or not healthy all the time but sometimes. I try to have a side salad with dinner. That’s an easy way to get some of the daily veggies. When I’m lazy I only have some tomatoes but I love a big salad. I often also have healthy veggies in my salad. All veggies are healthy but many don’t have lots of vitamins in them. Lettuce for example consists mostly of water and not many vitamins.


This salad is the best. Carrots, white cabbage and orange. Lots of nutrients. Carrots contains vitamin A. Cabbage and orange have lots of vitamin C in them. I love to mix veggies and fruit.

I grate the carrots. I love them sliced but it gets hard to chew them after a while.


We don’t celebrate Valentines Day in this family at all. Or we do but only with valentine cakes.

This cake is normally called “Princess cake” and the marzipan on top is usually green. Just because it’s Valentines Day the marzipan is pink and there’s a red heart made from marzipan on top of it all. It looks wonderful though!

I like this cake! All that whipped cream and vanilla cream is tasty. To make you get a hint of what it tastes like I will describe what’s in it. The whole cake is covered in marzipan which I love. I think marzipan makes all cakes taste good! Under the marzipan there’s spongecake, whipped cream, vanilla cream and raspberry jam.



20161217_155030-Honey, I think we have to buy bananas. There`s only nine left.

Haha, that`s what happens when the members of a household buy food without checking what the others already have bought. Nine bananas, they will probably not be eaten. Or I rather know they won`t get eaten.

Almond candy

I like all sorts of candy. What I don`t like is all the sugar it contains. I sometimes feel sick when I eat too much of it. That`s why I`m excited that I`ve found a recepy for a healthier candy, almond candy. I like almonds but they don`t taste much as they are. This recepy makes them tasty and there`s not much sugar involved.

You don`t have to bake the almonds for a long time in this recepy and that means you don`t remove all the nutrients from the nut. Almonds are healthy and they are filled with protein, vitamin B and E and magnesium. I know it would be better to eat them without a sugar but sugar almonds are better than no almonds.


1,5 tablespoons golden syrup

1 tablespoon sugar

A pinch of salt

100 gr sweet almonds

Oven 175 C

Mix syrup, sugar and salt in a saucepan on low heat. Don`t let the mixture boil. The heat is only suppose to help in blending the ingredients. Add the almonds and coat them in the melted sugar.

Place the almonds on a baking paper. Make sure they`re not in one big lump. Spread them evenly on the paper. Put the paper on a oven tray.  Bake for 8 minutes in the middle of the oven.



Dog flex

20161201_180430Mom I don`t need to exercise to get flexible muscles. You do stretches and all that to get your flexing on. All I do is be my flexible self. I can flex my body into a circle.