I would like to take a moment and write about the president inaugurallition. Is that right, inaugurallition? I’m all for Biden. You go man. Lady Gaga did a beautiful job singing the american national anthem. The high notes were perfect. We joked that she would come out in nothing but underwear making it into a big show like she usually does. Then Biden and his nearest friends would get heart attacks.

You saw Biden and his inner circle of friends and also his fellow politician colleagues. They look like people living in a retirement home having a field day. I don’t mind Biden and lots of polititians respectable age but this was fun. One former politicioner looked like he was sleeping. Many walked like they could use a walking stick.

There was a man who had one of the more important job this day. He sanitized the lectern where the speaches was being held. After every speaker he appeared from now here cleaning the lectern surface.

Biden doesn’t have a little to correct in USA from now on. He must heal not just USA but also heal the view the rest of the world has on the country. He is the right man.


I know most of the world were interested in the american election. Last night for example we were up late to watch. I have never watched that much of a foreign election than this one. Mostly you just watch the news to be updated but this time we wanted to watch the whole thing.

It`s funny this election thing. In Sweden we have two main political parties, the social democrates and the moderates ( I don`t know if moderates is an accurate translation ). The way to the election is nothing like it is in the USA. For instance, all the dirty name calling and exposing of secrets would never happen. I remember at one Trump convent the audience shouted “Lock her up” regarding something Hillary Clinton had done. This would never happen here. I think the american election is often based on the presidential candidates more than what they stand for. In Sweden the front figures of the different parties aren`t that charismatic and the focus is on what their political view is.

I think the differences might have to do with that in Sweden the king is who represents our country in America it`s the president. If we were to choose who would be the king the election process probably would be more aggressive than it is.