I think Craigslist is an all american thing. You could use it everywhere but I don’t know any users or have heard it mentioned in Sweden. Here or anywhere outside of USA. I’ve read about it though and don’t get how anyone can even think about using it. I know the news only cover the disgusting things that happens there. Many good things probably goes on but the bad things are….bad.

The thing I would never use Craigslist for is housing. It seems like everyone is a murderer in that section. On the lighter side when it comes to bad things in the housing section, I read about a man that would rent out his home for free to groups of women that wanted somewhere to stay during holidays. “All” he wanted was to do “naughty” things with them. Disgusting. The women that he aimed for probably went on holiday to get away from husbands and boyfriends. No woman in their right mind would even consider answering that ad.

I also read about a man that wanted a female roommate. Her rent was to be a girlfriend whenever he wanted to. Girlfriend. Right. Disgusting.

















Sweden is a country in tears at the moment. If you have missed it, a lorry drove on a busy street aiming to kill people. It both killed and injured many.

There’s all this meaningless violence everywhere and it’s hard. I think the swedish king said something good though. “There are more good than evil people out there”.

Take care of each other! You never know what will happen.


We have watched the news all the time the last couple of days. A bit funny things in all the madness, all that candy on the table.