I think many first world problems are problems made by the people. Many of these have shouldn`t be a problem in other parts of our planet.

One of the biggest “problem” has to be one thing we keep in our fridge. Milk. Nothing creates more “non” problems than milk.

-Is the milk too old?

-Doesn`t the milk taste funny (is it too old?).

-Who took the last of the milk without buying some new milk?

I don`t know how many times I`ve stood and smelled milk to tell if it`s good enough to drink. I`ve thrown tons of milk away before the exp. date cause I thought it smelled bad. There have probably been lots of marriages that have ended because of fights that has been about milk. I don`t mean milk has been the biggest issue but it has certainly been the last straw to a bad marriage.

Often the biggest milk problem is that there isn`t enough of it. It seems to just vanish before your eyes. Especially if you have a big family. One moment you`re planning on making dinner with some milk in it because you know there are lots of milk boxes in the fridge. Next moment someone has finished the milk and you`re off to the grocery store. All those arguments in big families.

“-What are you sisters fighting about?

-She drank the last of the milk and didn`t leave any to me.”







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