I am the biggest empath you can find. I have always been this way. This combined with a sense of intuition make being around people hard. I can’t read thoughts or anything but I can sense how everyone around me are feeling. I can tell if you’re a good person or not. I can tell how you want your life to feel like. For example my cousin met this girl. Only by looking at pictures of her and my mom tell me some basic stuff about her I knew how their relationship would be. I said she had made a plan of how she wanted her life with my cousin would be. They moved in together very soon which I knew. They got married after a short while together. I knew they would. She wears the pants in that relationship which I knew she was immediately my mom told me my cousin had met a girl. She got pregnant and already then I said one was not enough. Of course they got another kid!

I’m not saying I’m psychic but I am very sensitive to everything around me. When I’m out and about I get these flashes from everyone I meet. I know who like me suffer from mental illness. I mean those you can’t tell are suffering only by looking at them. I know if you have many kids or not. I have had to learn how to switch this intuition off other wise I would go crazy! I talk to myself in “my brain” about things like what I’ll buy the next time I’m buying groceries.

I feel sorry for everyone especially animals. Sometimes you come across a video of an abused animal that they nurse back to a happy animal. I have forbidden myself from looking at these videos because I cry and even though the animal ends up having the best life. All I can think about was how the animal looked when they found it.

From a sensitive woman. Take care.

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