Kajsa is my little girl. She is a parson jack russell and she is 4 years old. She is crazy and makes me laugh all the time. She makes me forget my depression and she is my best friend. Dogs have always made me feel good. I feel calm when they are around. They don`t need much and only have few demands. I love how happy Kajsa is to just be near me. I am happy just to be near her. When I am sad she sits by me. No words are needed. She senses when I need her.

She has always been crazy. She is still a puppy in her mind. She loves to play and footballs are her favourite toy. If she could she would chase them all the time. Cause of her craziness I don`t have time to think about how I feel. I have to get up everyday to take care of her. I love doing it. We do everything together.



I try to eat vegetarian food often. I sometimes feel sick when I’ve eaten too much meat and if I stop eating it for a while I feel better. I don’t think meat makes you sick it’s just my system that can’t take too much of it.

It’s not difficult to make vegetarian meals at least not these days. I have been a strict vegetarian from time to time and I remember that it was more difficult some years ago. There wasn’t hardly any vegetarian ready meals and you had to make everything from scratch. The ready meals that were available were often disgusting.

Today there’s a wide range of vegetarian products. The one in the picture is vegetarian schnitzel. The meat version of it is pork in breadcrumbs. This is soy based “meat” in breadcrumbs. It’s delicious. It’s a swedish brand and it’s only available in Sweden which is too bad cause it taste good. This is just one of the vegetarian alternatives out there. This I serve with ovenbaked potatoes and a pepper sauce.



Food idea

Eggs. There’s nothing you can’t do with them.

I like omelettes cause you can put whatever you want in them. In this there’s bacon peppers and tomatoes. Todays dinner idea.


I am crazy about beauty. I am crazy about beauty products and spa treatments. I like it all. If I had the money I would live in a beauty salon.

My favourite beauty products at the moment are beautyboxes. I have been subscribing to Lookfantastics beautybox and I like it. Once a month you get a box with beauty products. You never know what you are getting and it’s fun to open the box. I get products I would never buy myself and find new favourites.



I know it can be hard to know what to make for dinner. You go to the supermarket and you don’t know what to buy.


This is one suggestion – pasta bolognese. In Sweden this could be the most common thing to eat. Especially during weekdays. When you have finished work and fetched the kids from kindergarten you don’t want to make something that takes forever.



Kajsa got a haircut today. I do it myself and it’s not perfect. If I were to showcase her I would let someone who knows what they are doing do it. I like to do it cause is cosy.


I like her most when she has more fur although I have to cut it from time to time. She would look like a sheep if I didn’t do it. I take a lot of everytime cause her fur grows like mad.