I try to eat vegetarian food often. I sometimes feel sick when I’ve eaten too much meat and if I stop eating it for a while I feel better. I don’t think meat makes you sick it’s just my system that can’t take too much of it.

It’s not difficult to make vegetarian meals at least not these days. I have been a strict vegetarian from time to time and I remember that it was more difficult some years ago. There wasn’t hardly any vegetarian ready meals and you had to make everything from scratch. The ready meals that were available were often disgusting.

Today there’s a wide range of vegetarian products. The one in the picture is vegetarian schnitzel. The meat version of it is pork in breadcrumbs. This is soy based “meat” in breadcrumbs. It’s delicious. It’s a swedish brand and it’s only available in Sweden which is too bad cause it taste good. This is just one of the vegetarian alternatives out there. This I serve with ovenbaked potatoes and a pepper sauce.



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