I think many think (many think) of american pancakes whenever you mention pancakes (many pancakes). The thick smaller pancake. It contains baking powder. In Sweden pancakes are crepe like flat pancakes. I like them. I’ve tried the american pancakes but I didn’t think they tasted that good. I’m used to the swedish pancake and I think that’s why I didn’t like it.

I never make swedish pancakes from a recipe because I ‘ve made them since I was very young. I know what texture the pancake batter should be. I think you would love these pancakes and I found a recipe that looked good.

This makes 8 pancakes.

3 dl wheat flour

6 dl milk

3 eggs

0,5 tsp salt

2 tbs butter (I always use more)

Melt the butter. Mix the butter and the rest of the ingredienser together.

Use a little bit of butter in the frying pan for every pancake.


Fill the whole (hot) frying pan with a thin layer of pancake batter. Flip the pancake when it sets.

Serve with jam or whatever you prefer. I serve mine with a mountain of sugar. Delicious.





Vegetarian bacon

I try to eat vegetarian food often. I try to eat vegetarian food more often than I eat meat. I don’t think meat is good for me. I feel sick both in body and mind when I eat too much meat. I would like to eat strictly vegan food but I can’t because I think plant based milk and those things are……. not tasty. I’ve tried many plant based products but I can’t drink or eat them. Vegan food is tasty like vegan sausages but not the “milk” products. 

I like the vegetarian diet better. I avoid meat but I drink milk and eat eggs. When it comes to vegetarian and vegan  food too there are many ready made alternatives to choose from. I have many vegetarian ready made things in my freezer. It’s no trouble to cook vegetarian things from scratch like tomatoe sauces but sometimes I like to make something fast.

My favorite vegetarian ready made food is soy bacon. It tastes like bacon and is delicious in pasta sauces. The texture is like a sausage, which isn’t that nice, but because I mix it in sauces I don’t think about it. I like meat bacon but because it’s meat I have tried to replace it with the vegetarian alternative.


This is the bacon straight from the freezer.





Vegan burger

I think I love everything that’s vegan. There are many vegan ready meals to choose from. That makes eating vegan no trouble at all. I always make vegan  casseroles and those kinds of food myself. Some things like vegan hamburgers I have to buy cause I don’t know how to create a tasty burger. Haha I used vegan in every line!

I have found a yummy green burger. It’s a green kale burger. Green kale is healthy and that feels good when you include it in a meal. I think they taste better than meat burgers. For all of you that want to eat more vegan or vegans that don’t know what to eat sometimes buy green burgers. There are burgers for everyone.

I served this kale burger with potato gratin. I sliced potatoes and mixed them with cream and milk. I didn’t have plant based cream and milk and used normal cows things. I would have cooked with vegan milk if I had it. I baked the gratin and the burgers in the oven. 200 C 30 minutes. Yummy.






Almost vegetarian

I have come to a conclusion that an almost vegetarian way of eating is best for me. With almost vegetarian I mean vegetarian but where eggs and milk are included. I know there is a word for that type of “vegetarianism” is it ovo vegetarian? I eat meat and fish but not often. I try to avoid these foods and I don’t miss them. I make meat dinners when I’m lazy and want to cook something quickly.

Why this is the best for me is cause it makes me feel better. When I haven’t eaten meat for a while I feel less tired. Even my depression gets better. I don’t mean meat is bad but I feel like my body can’t handle it. I sometimes feel like eating steak but then my bowls go through the roof. I get sick.

I don’t know if my depression gets better when I don’t eat meat but I feel better. I think it has to do with my physical health getting better when I’m meat free. I feel like meat is hard on my body.

I have been “strictly vegetarian” for different periods and I have felt better then. It was harder to cut out meat before because then there hardly wasn’t any meat substitutes. The things you could buy were often disgusting. Now there are many ready made vegetarian foods that taste good.


This is my favorite almost vegetarian dinner. Veggie omelette. I add whatever veggies I have available. Tasty!

Green yumminess

I had the thought today that I`m a mother. It`s mother`s day and I`m a fur mother! I haven`t thought about it but I`m the proud mother of Kajsa. She is a dog but my dog baby. I hope all mothers (and everyone else) have a good day.

I have been a vegetarian from time to time and when you are you learn how to cook with vegetables. There are many things you can make out of every vegetable. Being a vegetarian is not all about eating raw vegetables. I think vegetarian food often is more delicious than food that contain meat.

Today I made oven baked squash. Squash is a versatile vegetable. It doesn`t taste much but with spices it`s delicious.


I cut the squash into slices. I covered the slices with flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs. I begin with flour then egg then bread crumbs. I added salt and pepper in the egg.

I put the slices on a tray covered with baking paper. I added some butter on them to give them a crunchy surface. I also made a salad consisting of tomatoes and peppers in a tinfoil. I mixed the vegetables with olive oil and spices. The potatoes were bought but they taste like homemade ones. I baked everything in the oven at 200 C for 30 minutes.

Sometimes when you have eaten healthy food you can treat yourself to a little bit of cake. This is a “Princess cake”. We bought this but if you want to make it this is how you do it.


Beginning from the bottom of the cake you take a thin slice of sponge cake and cover it with raspberry jam. Place another thin slice of sponge cake on top of it. Spread a thin layer of custard on it. Cover the second layer with lots of whipped cream. Put a third layer of sponge cake on top of the cream. Cover the whole cake with marzipan.



All that cream.




Vegetarian Bolognese

I think it’s easy to be a vegetarian these days. Or at least easier than it was a couple of years ago. I have been a vegetarian from time to time and I remember how it was long ago. There were only a few products out there and they were often disgusting. I remember a bolognese sauce you could buy that made me feel sick because it tasted bad. Restaurants didn’t have much to choose from and what they did have was some watery tomato sauce or something like that. I’m not a vegetarian today but I like to have some meatless days. I feel that I can’t eat too much meat and with all vegetarian options out there it’s easy to make a tasty green meal.

Today I made a vegetarian bolognese sauce. I used minced quorn as base. It doesn’t taste much as it is but with spices it’s delicious. I made my sauce with my quorn, tinned tomatoes, onions, milk and cream. I served it with fresh pasta.

Food ideas

I love pasta and a rich sauce.

This is pasta and a vegetarian sauce. I just put whatever I like in sauces and in this there’s: peppers, fresh tomatoes and tinned ones. Onions, garlic and cream. I used whole grain pasta.

Todays dinner.




I try to eat vegetarian food often. I sometimes feel sick when I’ve eaten too much meat and if I stop eating it for a while I feel better. I don’t think meat makes you sick it’s just my system that can’t take too much of it.

It’s not difficult to make vegetarian meals at least not these days. I have been a strict vegetarian from time to time and I remember that it was more difficult some years ago. There wasn’t hardly any vegetarian ready meals and you had to make everything from scratch. The ready meals that were available were often disgusting.

Today there’s a wide range of vegetarian products. The one in the picture is vegetarian schnitzel. The meat version of it is pork in breadcrumbs. This is soy based “meat” in breadcrumbs. It’s delicious. It’s a swedish brand and it’s only available in Sweden which is too bad cause it taste good. This is just one of the vegetarian alternatives out there. This I serve with ovenbaked potatoes and a pepper sauce.