Almost vegetarian

I have come to a conclusion that an almost vegetarian way of eating is best for me. With almost vegetarian I mean vegetarian but where eggs and milk are included. I know there is a word for that type of “vegetarianism” is it ovo vegetarian? I eat meat and fish but not often. I try to avoid these foods and I don’t miss them. I make meat dinners when I’m lazy and want to cook something quickly.

Why this is the best for me is cause it makes me feel better. When I haven’t eaten meat for a while I feel less tired. Even my depression gets better. I don’t mean meat is bad but I feel like my body can’t handle it. I sometimes feel like eating steak but then my bowls go through the roof. I get sick.

I don’t know if my depression gets better when I don’t eat meat but I feel better. I think it has to do with my physical health getting better when I’m meat free. I feel like meat is hard on my body.

I have been “strictly vegetarian” for different periods and I have felt better then. It was harder to cut out meat before because then there hardly wasn’t any meat substitutes. The things you could buy were often disgusting. Now there are many ready made vegetarian foods that taste good.


This is my favorite almost vegetarian dinner. Veggie omelette. I add whatever veggies I have available. Tasty!

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