I can’t eat onion. I can but my bowls get crazy. When I eat it often I get sick. I love to use onion when I cook but I have to think about how often I have eaten it before I cook that day.

I try to eat vegetarian all the time and I think onions makes vegetarian dishes tastier. Or I think onions makes all dishes, vegetarian or no vegetarian, better. I love the taste of onions. Because my bowls can’t take onions I’ve had to find substitutes for it. A substitute that works well are olives. They can’t replace onions but I like the saltiness of the olives. Omelettes are one of my favorite things to eat. I like bacon in omelettes but when I want a veggie one I’ve used onions before. Now I’ve used olives instead for a while and I don’t miss onions.


This omelette has olives, tomatoes, sugar snaps and peppers in it. I used green olives cause I think they’re tastier.





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