Vegetarian Bolognese

I think it’s easy to be a vegetarian these days. Or at least easier than it was a couple of years ago. I have been a vegetarian from time to time and I remember how it was long ago. There were only a few products out there and they were often disgusting. I remember a bolognese sauce you could buy that made me feel sick because it tasted bad. Restaurants didn’t have much to choose from and what they did have was some watery tomato sauce or something like that. I’m not a vegetarian today but I like to have some meatless days. I feel that I can’t eat too much meat and with all vegetarian options out there it’s easy to make a tasty green meal.

Today I made a vegetarian bolognese sauce. I used minced quorn as base. It doesn’t taste much as it is but with spices it’s delicious. I made my sauce with my quorn, tinned tomatoes, onions, milk and cream. I served it with fresh pasta.

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