I almost never write about my anxiety and depression. That`s not because I`m ashamed of it, it`s because I think it`s enough for me to feel those things. I`m that kind of person that don`t have the need to talk about it too. This blog is almost always about all things other than my depression. I write about the things that keeps me going and makes me happy. Sometimes though I feel like writing about it. The reason is that no one really talks about these things. Or, it do get talked about in tv shows and lectures for example but often not in real life. I know that`s different from person to person, but for me that`s how it is. Most of my relatives for example ignore how I feel. Not that I ever talk about it but it seems like they think that depression is something only weak people suffer from and “why don`t you just snap out of it”.

These illnesses are more common than most people think. For instance, many of my friends have some time in their life been depressed. No one knew at the time but later they have revealed it. Another example is a support group I went to briefly. Among the other participants were a former classmate of mine. I never would have known. Often you can`t tell only by looking at someone if they are depressed.

I always struggle with myself “should I write about this or not”. I know that if I don`t I contribute to the “ashamed feeling” concerning this. I will write about it sometimes and I hope it will help someone. There have been many hilarious things along the way and they deserve to be mentioned.



She gives me strenght.


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