I don`t know about you but I like to hide my pores. I have combination skin and find that I have rather large pores in certain areas on my face. Especially on and around my nose. I think pores are one of the biggest issues when it comes to skin. There are creams and concealers that claim to shrink the appearance of pores and I`ve tried many. Most didn`t make any difference.

My favourite brand, NIP FAB, has the best pore shrinking product. It`s their “Glycolic fix serum”. It`s a serum that both makes pores decrease in size AND it exfoliates the skin. The exfoliation in this serum is not the same as a face scrub that goes deep into the skin. This is kinder to your face but it gives the skin a healthy even look to it. I use it in the morning under my moisturizer and I love it. Try it!

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