Pore less

I think we all want to hide skin pores. I know I do. I’ve got lots of rather large pores. Make up can hide them but I don’t want them at all. I want them gone. I didn’t have much visible pores when I was younger. Today there are pores everywhere.



Something that has made my skin much better “pore wise” is Biore self heating maskBiore has many products and the majoritet are on the deep cleaning side. What I like the most when it comes to this mask is that it only takes one minute for it to do what it should. Most masks should be left on your skin for a long time and it is often too long. You can actually feel it deep cleaning your pores when you use it. Wonderful.

The Biore mask contains of four sachets with mask. When you put it on your face it gets warm. You massage it in for a while then rinse it off. Your skin looks clean and healthy. No pores.





I have to peel my face. I feel like my skin is dirty if I don’t. I do a deep clean often cause if I don’t the pores get clogged. I use face masks sometimes but I think it takes a bit long because you have to leave it on your face for some time.

My skin is on the oily side. That can often make the skin “dull”. Peeling now and then is good but peeling in a daily skincare is better. The best daily peeling I’ve found is Vichy Idealia peeling. You put it on like a tonic at night (when you clean your face) and leave it on.


Often daily peels are too strong. Vichy’s peeling isn’t. It makes your skin tone even and your face feels deep cleaned.


I give it 5 of 5 because it’s perfect.



I don`t know about you but I like to hide my pores. I have combination skin and find that I have rather large pores in certain areas on my face. Especially on and around my nose. I think pores are one of the biggest issues when it comes to skin. There are creams and concealers that claim to shrink the appearance of pores and I`ve tried many. Most didn`t make any difference.

My favourite brand, NIP FAB, has the best pore shrinking product. It`s their “Glycolic fix serum”. It`s a serum that both makes pores decrease in size AND it exfoliates the skin. The exfoliation in this serum is not the same as a face scrub that goes deep into the skin. This is kinder to your face but it gives the skin a healthy even look to it. I use it in the morning under my moisturizer and I love it. Try it!