I often forget how small Kajsa is. She is such a big dog in a small body that I tend to think of her as one of the bigger breeds. She is always up for whatever it is and she barks and she is very territorial. She is a parson jack russell and even though her breed and the jack russell breed , which is the more common russell, are two different breeds (lots of breeds in that sentence) they both have the same feisty temperament. Anyway, she is crazy and not afraid of much really.

Yesterday I found her like this, under a drawer. I was baking and didn`t see her coming into the kitchen. In that drawer there is spaghetti and some had fallen to the floor under it. As the terrier she is she decided to get the spaghetti and dived right in. I only noticed her tail at first and then I heard her chew on the hard pasta. She makes me laugh all the time.

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