Tomato sauce

I have a first world problem that is a big first world problem. When you get tomato sauce on your clothes and can’t get it off. I can’t remember how many clothes I’ve had to throw away because of tomato sauce stains. Today I had almost eaten all my dinner involving tomato sauce without getting any on my top. And then…….pasta covered in sauce landed on my top. Is it just me? I never learn. I should cover myself in kitchen paper whenever I eat.


I think many think (many think) of american pancakes whenever you mention pancakes (many pancakes). The thick smaller pancake. It contains baking powder. In Sweden pancakes are crepe like flat pancakes. I like them. I’ve tried the american pancakes but I didn’t think they tasted that good. I’m used to the swedish pancake and I think that’s why I didn’t like it.

I never make swedish pancakes from a recipe because I ‘ve made them since I was very young. I know what texture the pancake batter should be. I think you would love these pancakes and I found a recipe that looked good.

This makes 8 pancakes.

3 dl wheat flour

6 dl milk

3 eggs

0,5 tsp salt

2 tbs butter (I always use more)

Melt the butter. Mix the butter and the rest of the ingredienser together.

Use a little bit of butter in the frying pan for every pancake.


Fill the whole (hot) frying pan with a thin layer of pancake batter. Flip the pancake when it sets.

Serve with jam or whatever you prefer. I serve mine with a mountain of sugar. Delicious.





Nearly vegan

I made a nearly vegan dinner today. Vegan hamburger. I bought the hamburger though. Everything was vegan other than the bun, which I don`t know if it only has vegan things in it. The dressing is a mayonaise dressing that has eggs in it and it’s not vegan. Nearly vegan though.


It was delicious! When I eat hamburgers I make from minced beef I never like them. They have that meaty flavor to it (what else could the taste be???) and it takes over every other thing in the burger. I like the frozen beef burgers you buy but they must be one of the unhealthiest thing there are. The vegan hamburgers I ate to today was the best I`ve had for a long time. They tasted like meat.

If you`re vegan or don`t want to eat meat some days try vegan hamburgers. These are from a swedish brand but there a many other brands that has them.

I fried the burgers in plant based butter. I only put salt and pepper on them. I also fried red onions because I want onions on my burgers. Raw onions are to harsh I think. The buns that I don`t know if they`re vegan were normal hamburger buns.


We didn`t have any salad and I used avocado instead. Avocado tastes like salad in a way. Tomatoes were involved in the bun too. I also had ketchup and mustard (which I don`t know either if they`re vegan). Haha I shouldn`t try to cook vegan when I don`t know anything about it.



My feet that I know aren`t vegan.


The dinner today, burgers! Tasty.



I sometimes get a craving for greasy food. Fast and greasy food. My favourite greasy ingredient is bacon. You can`t go wrong with it. Everything tastes better with bacon.

This dish takes no time and it gives you all the grease you want.


I place a baking paper on a baking tray (no washing up!) On the paper I put oven potatoes (I bought them) and sliced bacon. In a oven tin (some washing up) I whisk eggs, butter and milk into kind of a omelette.

I bake the potatoes and bacon in the middle of the oven and put the omelette at the bottom. It all cook at once! Oven: 200 C.

Not all was greasy. I made a salad from peppers, melon and orange to make it a little bit healthy..


I serve this luxurious meal with ketchup.


Easy loaf

I get stressed sometimes when it comes to cooking. I get stressed when there are too many pots, pans and spices involved. Some recepies have all these spices in it, many of which you`ve never heard of, that you have to buy. Then you have to measure them all up like it says in the recepy and some you might even have to toast in a pan in order to get the flavour you want. Then there`s the cooking. You might have to use a lot of different cooking techniques just to get one dish. Roast, boil and deep fry. Puh! Today I made meat loaf. That`s a dish that causes me some stress because of the preparations. It`s not a lot of preparations but it`s enough to make my heart go faster.

I begin the meat loaf preparation by mixing bread crumbs and milk into a paste. I let it rest for a while. I add the minced beef to the milk. I always use minced beef only. Then I chop some onions and add them. Then comes my secret ingredients. In Sweden there`s a dish called biff lindström, “beef lindstrom”. You make burgers from minced beef, pickled cucumber and beetroot. My meat loaf is kind of a bigger sized “lindstrom” burger and I add the pickled cucumber and beetroot to the minced beef.

I put the beef mixture in an oven proof tin and I put some liquid butter on it. That gives some depth to the flavour.



Pink meat loaf.


I bake the loaf in the lower part of the oven for 50 minutes at 200 C. I also bake slices of potatoes in the oven at the same time. After a while I add some cream to the tin in order to get some sauce. Serve with lingonberry jam. Delicious!





This is what my mom got for free for her birthday! A grocery store where she does a lot of her shopping celebrated her by giving her a “smörgåstårta” or…….smorgasbord cake. I don`t think there is a better english word for this dish. Smorgas bord though I know they say in America and what it means is a table full of cold cuts and whatever you like.

20170227_155320A smorgasbord cake is bread in layers filled with smorgas bords things. This is a prawn cake. It`s prawns and lots of mayo between thin layers of bread.

20170227_155604This was a tasty smorgas bord cake!



20170208_165912.jpgI’ve said it before and I say it again, I love bacon. When I don’t know what to make for dinner it’s easy to turn to bacon for ideas.

Today I made bacon and rice pudding pancakes. In Sweden we often eat rice pudding, or rice porridge. Especially at christmas. I often make the porridge myself but today I felt it would be too much and I bought it.

The pancakes are easy to make! The ingredients:

500 g rice pudding

2 eggs

2 dl almond flour

Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

Cook them like ordinary pancakes and use a lot of butter or oil in the pan. They tend to stick to the pan if it’s too dry. I made six pancakes from the recepy. And I also cooked three at a time in the pan.

Serve with bacon and lingonberry jam.


This is a wonderful dish. It’s cheese filled tortellini and tomatoe sauce. I love pasta and a rich sauce. This is just that.

I boiled “dried” cheese filled tortellini and broccoli for a couple of minutes. After I had removed (I know there’s a word for that – drained?) the water from the pan I added tinned tomatoes, milk and cream to the tortellini and broccoli. I let it boil on low heat for a while.

In a oven tin I put peppers, tomatoes and onions. I added the tortellini and tomatoes. I baked it in the oven at 200 C for 20 minutes.




I would like to mention a little something we all probably have said or been told. The “you haven`t tried mine” thing. For instance, I don`t like carrot cake. I told a friend and she said that I would if I “tried hers”. No I wouldn`t! Carrot cake is carrot cake and I think it`s disgusting.

When someone says “try mine” you know what`s coming. You have to sit at that person`s table and eat that cake or dish you don`t like. You have to force yourself to eat it and then say you like it. I never got to try my friend`s cake because she moved away and I`m happy with that (not that she moved but that no carrot cake had to be forced down). I know I wouldn`t have liked it. I`ve tried many of these cakes and no one has made me change my mind.

Salmon is something else I don`t eat. I`ve had to sit through many dinners pretending to have changed my mind when it comes to salmon. I don`t want to offend the host and I eat even though it makes me feel sick. They know my thoughts on that fish but I have to “try theirs”. I take as little salmon as possible and then I push it around the plate and leave as much as I can. As much as I can without offending anyone. I`ve never had both salmon and carrot cake at the same dinner but I know that day will come. Someone will say “I`ve made my salmon and carrot cake I said you would like”. I will smile and say I like it!





I had a healthier fish and chips today. I baked fish fingers and potatoes in the oven. The fish fingers were made of filets of cod which tasted good. Some fish fingers contains fish and things that shouldn’t be there.

I bought the potatoes but it’s easy to make healthy french fries yourself. Cut potatoes in pieces and mix them with a little bit of oil and bake them in the oven. These potatoes I made today are delicious and only have a little bit of oil on them.

I think many vegetables this time of year don’t taste much. I often serve them cooked cause they taste better that way. Today I mixed peppers, tomatoes and cabbage with oil and baked them in the oven with the fish.

In Sweden we have a sauce that’s called “Cucumer sauce” which is perfect with fish. It’s essentially pickled cucumber with mayo. I often, like today, eat it with fish.