Easy loaf

I get stressed sometimes when it comes to cooking. I get stressed when there are too many pots, pans and spices involved. Some recepies have all these spices in it, many of which you`ve never heard of, that you have to buy. Then you have to measure them all up like it says in the recepy and some you might even have to toast in a pan in order to get the flavour you want. Then there`s the cooking. You might have to use a lot of different cooking techniques just to get one dish. Roast, boil and deep fry. Puh! Today I made meat loaf. That`s a dish that causes me some stress because of the preparations. It`s not a lot of preparations but it`s enough to make my heart go faster.

I begin the meat loaf preparation by mixing bread crumbs and milk into a paste. I let it rest for a while. I add the minced beef to the milk. I always use minced beef only. Then I chop some onions and add them. Then comes my secret ingredients. In Sweden there`s a dish called biff lindström, “beef lindstrom”. You make burgers from minced beef, pickled cucumber and beetroot. My meat loaf is kind of a bigger sized “lindstrom” burger and I add the pickled cucumber and beetroot to the minced beef.

I put the beef mixture in an oven proof tin and I put some liquid butter on it. That gives some depth to the flavour.



Pink meat loaf.


I bake the loaf in the lower part of the oven for 50 minutes at 200 C. I also bake slices of potatoes in the oven at the same time. After a while I add some cream to the tin in order to get some sauce. Serve with lingonberry jam. Delicious!




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