Today`s “semla” day in Sweden. I wrote about this cake a while ago and cause it`s that delicious I`ll do it again. “Semla” is a wheatbun (packed with cardamom) filled with whipped cream and almond paste. You cut the bun in half (the bottom part should be bigger than the top). Put almond paste on the bottom bun and top with whipped cream. Put the lid on and sprinkle icing sugar on it. You eat the lid first and you dip it in the whipped cream.

20170228_152528It`s “semla” day today but we begin eating it some months before this day. Many are probably tired of it by now cause they have eaten too many already. It used to be something you looked forward to and only ate for a short period of time. Now you can get it from christmas until whenever (almost). I think you can buy it for another couple of months which is not good. I think it only should be available for a short amount of time to keep it this thing you long for. Now after a “semla” season you think you will never eat it again because you`ve eaten too many.




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