Dinner idea

I think every country has dishes that sounds crazy. Today we had “fish balls”. It makes no sense to name a dish that way. In Sweden we think of it like meat balls but with fish. It’s minced fish mixed with other things.

Often these balls (it sounds even crazier when you don’t put “fish” in front of that word) are cooked in a pan on the stove served with boiled potatoes. Today I decided to cook them a little different. I baked them in the oven mixed with sugar snaps. I served them with oven baked potatoes. This was tasty!

I don’t know how to make them cause I buy them but I think you begin with making a paté from fish. Then you boil them.



This is a favourite dish of ours. I call it minced pancake. It’s pancakes filled with bolognese sauce. It’s delicious and easy to make. I buy the pancakes because it’s easier.

I make the bolognese sauce a little bit “drier” than usual otherwise it’s hard to make the dish. I cook the minced beef in a pan with onions, tomato puree, salt, pepper and a little bit of cream. To make 5 minced pancakes I use 500 g minced beef.

Fill the pancakes with the sauce and “roll” them together. Place them in a oven tin. I put tomatoes and cheese on top because that makes them taste even better.

Bake them in the oven at 200 C until the cheese melts.20170128_161014.jpg


Snack ideas

I almost never know what to eat for my evening meal. I go through all the kitchen drawers for something easy to make. I would like to make some tasty, somewhat healthty, snacks but it always ends up being some unhealthy cake on my plate.

Today I made an effort (!) and pulled out the toaster. My evening snack, thanks to the big effort, ended up being toasted rhye bread with tomatoes and cheese.

Simple and easy deliciousness.


Simple I know.


Meat ball

Sometimes, food that doesn`t look delicious are just that. This doesn`t look at all as tasty as it was.

I put fresh pasta in an oven proved tin.


I added peppers, tomatoes and onion to the pasta.


I poured tinned tomatoes over the vegetables and pasta.



I know it doesn`t seem tasty.

I had some bought meat balls I added to the tin.


I poured cream over the mix and added salt, pepper and cheese.


I cooked the dish in the oven for 30 min at 200 C.

20170117_161214 It was delicious! Sometimes it`s as easy as that.




In Sweden we have a bun we eat during the winter season. We call it “semla”. It’s a wheat bun filled with whipped cream and almond paste. I love it!

It’s a sweet wheat bun that you split in two – a smaller lid and a bigger bottom part. Remove a little bit of the middle part of the bottom bun (hard to explain). Fill the “hole” with almond paste. If I ever decide to make this bun I will buy the paste but it’s essentially almonds crumbs and sugar mixed together.

Whip the cream and put it on top of the paste. Place the lid on the cream. Sprinkle icing sugar in the lid.



20170111_151652I told you yesterday about a tv show that was about different diets. An english man went to America and experienced the paleo diet along some other diets.

Yesterday evening I was having my evening meal and found a tv show about being over weight. I decided to watch it while I ate. In this tv show yet another english man went to America to study some research about how to fight obesity.

However, he began the show in England where he watched different experiments on how to stop people from over eating. In one experiment the subjects in the study had been given some hormones to see if that could make them eat less. A researcher gave them this huge portion of food! It was enough to feed three people. If anyone would eat it all they would explode!

Anyway back to the America part of the show. I was enjoying my meal and the show and was feeling relaxed. That changed……..when this english man also went to a poop clinic! Earlier that day the diet show man (which I told you about yesterday) went to the same or another poop clinic! Two poop clinic visits in the same day! Both times I had to watch these clinics I was eating! This time though they didn’t show when they mixed the stuff to get a better texture.

The diet show earlier that day, went to the clinic because of the research that if you insert someone elses “stuff” in you the bacteria in your body can become healthier. This show said that if you insert the “stuff” from someone else it could help you loose weight.

Both of the “stuff”segments were disgusting. And they made me loose my appetite.


20170111_151652.jpgI watched a tv show about diets today. An english man went to America to learn about different diets. He was refreshingly honest and I laughed many times.

One of the diets was the”paleo” diet. You eat the kind of food they ate in the stone age. It consists of all kinds of meat, vegetables and nuts. You can’t have any rice or other carbs. The english man went to a retreat where they ate grilled meat and they exercised stone age style which means they had shovels they pretended to dig with. The participants at the retreat couldn’t be more into this diet. They had never felt better. They were skinny but the english man questioned how healthy the diet was. The food was greasy and salty and it made him feel tired. He met with the leader of the retreat and that was hilarious. The leader said “he was 60 looked like 30 and felt like 18”. The english man said that he was 45 himself and that the leader looked like he could be his father!

I find that diets can be healthy but I could never be “on one”. I have to eat different foods to feel good. I have been a vegetarian and even then I varied what I ate. Now I eat meat but I could never be a paleo dieter. If I don’t eat carbs I feel sick.

When I watched the diet show I was having dinner. I ate an omelette and was happy with my eggs and tv until……..they showed an poop transplant! The transplant can change the bacteria in your body and is helpful for some. The doctor at the poop clinic took out a plastic jar with……..poop. I didn’t like my omelette anymore. She put the poop in a mixer and mixed it. I couldn’t eat the rest of my omelette.

Another diet was the fruitarian diet. The fruitarians only eat fruit. I could never even try that diet because I would be hungry all the time. I wonder how much fruit they have to buy to get even the slightest sense of not being hungry. And it must be expensive.


Thank you very much grocery store!

Thank you for not having butternut squash on the shelves today. I had planned on cooking butternut squash even though I have no idea how to. You saved me from trying to make a meal that would have been……….not tasty.20170111_151604.jpg


I hope you had a wonderful christmas! We had a relaxing one. Christmas lately has been about food and family and not so much about gifts. We have reduced the number of christmas gifts drastically and to not have to buy things to everyone has made it easier. For instance I only buy gifts for my mom. My aunts only buy gifts for their husbands and children and so on. I remember how it was before when I raced around town to find things to buy. Some are not the easiest to buy for and more than ones I ended up with buying just for the sake of buying which means crap gifts. I also waited until the last minute which was stressful in itself.

For me christmas has become more of a food event. Before I thought “lets get food out of the way and lets open our gifts”. Now I like the food more. Because I don`t eat many things on the traditional christmas table I have added some foods that I like. I always make porkribs and a brusselsproutstew.



Porkribs, brusselsprouts and red cale.

This year I also made applepie.



Apple and marzipan pie.

Of course I also ate candy!20161224_195246The best thing about christmas was of course Kajsa dressed as a christmas gift.



Vegetarian Bolognese

I think it’s easy to be a vegetarian these days. Or at least easier than it was a couple of years ago. I have been a vegetarian from time to time and I remember how it was long ago. There were only a few products out there and they were often disgusting. I remember a bolognese sauce you could buy that made me feel sick because it tasted bad. Restaurants didn’t have much to choose from and what they did have was some watery tomato sauce or something like that. I’m not a vegetarian today but I like to have some meatless days. I feel that I can’t eat too much meat and with all vegetarian options out there it’s easy to make a tasty green meal.

Today I made a vegetarian bolognese sauce. I used minced quorn as base. It doesn’t taste much as it is but with spices it’s delicious. I made my sauce with my quorn, tinned tomatoes, onions, milk and cream. I served it with fresh pasta.