20170111_151652I told you yesterday about a tv show that was about different diets. An english man went to America and experienced the paleo diet along some other diets.

Yesterday evening I was having my evening meal and found a tv show about being over weight. I decided to watch it while I ate. In this tv show yet another english man went to America to study some research about how to fight obesity.

However, he began the show in England where he watched different experiments on how to stop people from over eating. In one experiment the subjects in the study had been given some hormones to see if that could make them eat less. A researcher gave them this huge portion of food! It was enough to feed three people. If anyone would eat it all they would explode!

Anyway back to the America part of the show. I was enjoying my meal and the show and was feeling relaxed. That changed……..when this english man also went to a poop clinic! Earlier that day the diet show man (which I told you about yesterday) went to the same or another poop clinic! Two poop clinic visits in the same day! Both times I had to watch these clinics I was eating! This time though they didn’t show when they mixed the stuff to get a better texture.

The diet show earlier that day, went to the clinic because of the research that if you insert someone elses “stuff” in you the bacteria in your body can become healthier. This show said that if you insert the “stuff” from someone else it could help you loose weight.

Both of the “stuff”segments were disgusting. And they made me loose my appetite.

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