Soft lip

I love lip balms. I seem to buy them all the time. I buy tinted ones and those without colour. If I don`t use any lip balm my lips get dry.



A small part of my lip balm collection.

I think my obsession with lip balms come from my insecurities about my mouth. I have always thought it was too big. Even today I don`t like it. That`s interesting considering the lip hysteria today. Many put fillers in their lips and can`t get them big enough. I should probably be grateful I got naturally big lips.

If I don`t wear lip balm my lips get dry and that makes me feel more insecure about my mouth. I have a lip balm in every pocket and bag! I know I don`t need as many as I have but I can`t help it. My favourite part when it comes to my skin is of course my lips. Put me in a store and you`ll soon find me at the lip care counter.

The best lip balms to me are the ones where you don`t need an applicator to put them on.

The lip balm above was a good one. It was soft and easy to put on.

I have tried lip balms in many different price ranges and I don`t think the most expensive ones were the best. They all made my lips soft regardless of the price. The more expensive ones had a nicer package but that`s not important to me. It`s the inside that counts and what I care about.


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