20170111_151652.jpgI watched a tv show about diets today. An english man went to America to learn about different diets. He was refreshingly honest and I laughed many times.

One of the diets was the”paleo” diet. You eat the kind of food they ate in the stone age. It consists of all kinds of meat, vegetables and nuts. You can’t have any rice or other carbs. The english man went to a retreat where they ate grilled meat and they exercised stone age style which means they had shovels they pretended to dig with. The participants at the retreat couldn’t be more into this diet. They had never felt better. They were skinny but the english man questioned how healthy the diet was. The food was greasy and salty and it made him feel tired. He met with the leader of the retreat and that was hilarious. The leader said “he was 60 looked like 30 and felt like 18”. The english man said that he was 45 himself and that the leader looked like he could be his father!

I find that diets can be healthy but I could never be “on one”. I have to eat different foods to feel good. I have been a vegetarian and even then I varied what I ate. Now I eat meat but I could never be a paleo dieter. If I don’t eat carbs I feel sick.

When I watched the diet show I was having dinner. I ate an omelette and was happy with my eggs and tv until……..they showed an poop transplant! The transplant can change the bacteria in your body and is helpful for some. The doctor at the poop clinic took out a plastic jar with……..poop. I didn’t like my omelette anymore. She put the poop in a mixer and mixed it. I couldn’t eat the rest of my omelette.

Another diet was the fruitarian diet. The fruitarians only eat fruit. I could never even try that diet because I would be hungry all the time. I wonder how much fruit they have to buy to get even the slightest sense of not being hungry. And it must be expensive.

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