I hope you had a wonderful christmas! We had a relaxing one. Christmas lately has been about food and family and not so much about gifts. We have reduced the number of christmas gifts drastically and to not have to buy things to everyone has made it easier. For instance I only buy gifts for my mom. My aunts only buy gifts for their husbands and children and so on. I remember how it was before when I raced around town to find things to buy. Some are not the easiest to buy for and more than ones I ended up with buying just for the sake of buying which means crap gifts. I also waited until the last minute which was stressful in itself.

For me christmas has become more of a food event. Before I thought “lets get food out of the way and lets open our gifts”. Now I like the food more. Because I don`t eat many things on the traditional christmas table I have added some foods that I like. I always make porkribs and a brusselsproutstew.



Porkribs, brusselsprouts and red cale.

This year I also made applepie.



Apple and marzipan pie.

Of course I also ate candy!20161224_195246The best thing about christmas was of course Kajsa dressed as a christmas gift.



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