I would like to mention a little something we all probably have said or been told. The “you haven`t tried mine” thing. For instance, I don`t like carrot cake. I told a friend and she said that I would if I “tried hers”. No I wouldn`t! Carrot cake is carrot cake and I think it`s disgusting.

When someone says “try mine” you know what`s coming. You have to sit at that person`s table and eat that cake or dish you don`t like. You have to force yourself to eat it and then say you like it. I never got to try my friend`s cake because she moved away and I`m happy with that (not that she moved but that no carrot cake had to be forced down). I know I wouldn`t have liked it. I`ve tried many of these cakes and no one has made me change my mind.

Salmon is something else I don`t eat. I`ve had to sit through many dinners pretending to have changed my mind when it comes to salmon. I don`t want to offend the host and I eat even though it makes me feel sick. They know my thoughts on that fish but I have to “try theirs”. I take as little salmon as possible and then I push it around the plate and leave as much as I can. As much as I can without offending anyone. I`ve never had both salmon and carrot cake at the same dinner but I know that day will come. Someone will say “I`ve made my salmon and carrot cake I said you would like”. I will smile and say I like it!




8 thoughts on “Trying

  1. dawnmarie says:

    I smiled all the way through this. Yup. I finally revealed to my sister the other day that there was a reason I had to drink a large saki and a beer before eating sushi.

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