Nearly vegan

I made a nearly vegan dinner today. Vegan hamburger. I bought the hamburger though. Everything was vegan other than the bun, which I don`t know if it only has vegan things in it. The dressing is a mayonaise dressing that has eggs in it and it’s not vegan. Nearly vegan though.


It was delicious! When I eat hamburgers I make from minced beef I never like them. They have that meaty flavor to it (what else could the taste be???) and it takes over every other thing in the burger. I like the frozen beef burgers you buy but they must be one of the unhealthiest thing there are. The vegan hamburgers I ate to today was the best I`ve had for a long time. They tasted like meat.

If you`re vegan or don`t want to eat meat some days try vegan hamburgers. These are from a swedish brand but there a many other brands that has them.

I fried the burgers in plant based butter. I only put salt and pepper on them. I also fried red onions because I want onions on my burgers. Raw onions are to harsh I think. The buns that I don`t know if they`re vegan were normal hamburger buns.


We didn`t have any salad and I used avocado instead. Avocado tastes like salad in a way. Tomatoes were involved in the bun too. I also had ketchup and mustard (which I don`t know either if they`re vegan). Haha I shouldn`t try to cook vegan when I don`t know anything about it.



My feet that I know aren`t vegan.


The dinner today, burgers! Tasty.


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