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I want to say a big Thank you to all my new and old followers for reading my blog. For the moment I’m into Instagram big time. I love to write here but because my depression is hard at the moment and I find Instagram easier because you can write shorter post. I write lots there. I’m not saying I think writing blog posts are hard but now I get tired whatever I do and that’s why I’m just here sometimes.

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Sugar free sugar. “Our sugar free cookies contain 2 cups of sugar.”

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20170324_155726I find most tv ads stupid. I don’t know anyone that watches them. Or you watch them but not because you want to. They interrupt the tv show you watch and you have to wait until they end to get to the show again. Or you get some coffee while they’re on. Either or.

I don’t know how the ad makers function. The ads are either boring or unrealistic. They probably have lots of research material to help with the ad process. They know how the public think and act and that makes them come up with “smart” ads.

The most stupid ads has to be the ones involving cleaning things. Cleaning is what most find boring. I don’t know anyone that dances to get to the cleaning supplies on cleaning day. The cleaning ads could make us feel that we want to clean an that their things make it easier to do. What I think when I watch their ads is that the cleaners need help in more ways than one. Often their homes are dirty beyond reasonable dirty. There is dirt everywhere old and new one. On the floor and ceiling. It must be because the ad makers want to show how their things clean everything. One other group of cleaners are those that let their dirty kids go crazy in their clean home. Parents with newly cleaned homes laugh when the kids storm in with dirt flying off them.

Those, especially those with the crazy dirty homes needs a therapist. You don’t need cleaning things you need advice on how not to loose your mind.


I think reality tv shows are a hilarous to watch. Especially because the participants are crazy. Vanderpump rules is my favorite show. They drink and sleep around and that’s what they do. They are gorgeous but insane.

That makes me think about dogs. They are more uncomplicated than anything. Haha I don’t know what they have got to do with reality shows but what if there was a reality show about dogs. It would only be one episode with every different cast. Dogs solve their problems with each other right away. People in reality shows holds on to everything forever and that’s why the shows last. Dogs would fight and solve it in the first episode. Then they would walk around and sniff the others in the behind.

Episode one of “The real dogs in the hood”. The dogs are brought together in the dog park. They fight to establish the pack order. The smallest dog wins and becomes the leader of all the others. Episode one ends. That would be the shortest tv show ever.

Everything would be better if we were a bit like dogs. They care about who you are not what you are. They are the best there is.



I love to watch reality tv shows. I know I shouldn`t but I do. My number one show is “Vanderpump rules”. These crazy people are hilarious to watch.

I think everyone knows that show but if you don`t, it`s about people working at the restaurants of Lisa Vanderpump. She is one of the participants of “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”. If you haven`t heard about thay show, go to Bravo tv and learn more. Not that it is anything to learn! Lisa Vanderpump has three restaurants and “Vanderpump rules” shows the people working at “Sur”. Or “worked” is the better word. They don`t work a lot since the show became popular.

I often say that the people in these shows are crazy and they have to be otherwise no one would watch. If they filmed calm sensibel people it would be boring. That is why I love “Vanderpump rules”. They are the craziest individuals I`ve experienced. They party like their lives depended on it. I could party with them one night and I would have to lay down for days after. They consume all this alcohol and we all know how sensibel that makes you. Not. They get drunk and fight about everything. The most crazy are Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor.

Most of them are wonderful on the outside and not that wonderful on the inside. When I think about it that`s how all of them are.. All they think about is alcohol and hooking up. Most of them are in a relationship but that hasn`t stopped them hooking up before. They have cheated on the one they`re with. They even say themselves they`ve cheated.





The cast. They are stunning. The woman with the dog is Lisa. Her dog Giggy is famous for being……….her dog. He is the sensibel one in this group.