I love to watch reality tv shows. I know I shouldn`t but I do. My number one show is “Vanderpump rules”. These crazy people are hilarious to watch.

I think everyone knows that show but if you don`t, it`s about people working at the restaurants of Lisa Vanderpump. She is one of the participants of “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”. If you haven`t heard about thay show, go to Bravo tv and learn more. Not that it is anything to learn! Lisa Vanderpump has three restaurants and “Vanderpump rules” shows the people working at “Sur”. Or “worked” is the better word. They don`t work a lot since the show became popular.

I often say that the people in these shows are crazy and they have to be otherwise no one would watch. If they filmed calm sensibel people it would be boring. That is why I love “Vanderpump rules”. They are the craziest individuals I`ve experienced. They party like their lives depended on it. I could party with them one night and I would have to lay down for days after. They consume all this alcohol and we all know how sensibel that makes you. Not. They get drunk and fight about everything. The most crazy are Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor.

Most of them are wonderful on the outside and not that wonderful on the inside. When I think about it that`s how all of them are.. All they think about is alcohol and hooking up. Most of them are in a relationship but that hasn`t stopped them hooking up before. They have cheated on the one they`re with. They even say themselves they`ve cheated.





The cast. They are stunning. The woman with the dog is Lisa. Her dog Giggy is famous for being……….her dog. He is the sensibel one in this group.



2 thoughts on “Vanderpump

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    I like Lisa and I have to admit that I like such shows… I also watch the housewives… probably because their problems are not mine and it is great to watch them and to shake my head and to make snotty comments :o)

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