I have to first of all say I know the picture is upside down. I`m sorry for that. I would have taken a better one if I could remember where I put the gel tube after I had taken the upside down picture. Anyway…….

I get pimples from time to time. Mostly I get them during “that week”. When I was younger though I struggled with quite bad acne. I remember how frustrating it was to get pimples no matter what I did. You`re always thinking about how you look and it`s hard to be around others. Then there wasn`t much help when it came to acne skincare. You had to use very strong “acne solution” fluids that did more harm than good. I used to wipe my whole face with these solutions. That didn`t remove the acne but it dried out my skin which lead to more break outs.

One of my favourite skin care brand is NIP FAB. They have products for every skin type. I wish I had this brand when I had acne! Whenever I get pimples I put on Glycolic fix overnight purifying gel. It makes the pimples vanish! After one or two applications they`re gone. I put the gel on the pimple in the evening and the next day it`s gone.

I don`t know if you can put it on the whole face like a moisturizer. It might be a bit harsh to the skin. For treating individual pimples though try it! Whenever I feel a pimple coming I put this product on it and I don`t have to worry about it anymore. 20170323_173927

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