I have been sick a lot lately. Now I have a cold again. I think it`s cause my thyroid is not doing what it should. I have a thyroid that works faster than it should. It`s only a minor disfunction but even a minor one can make your body break down. I used to take medicine for it but I did the stupidest thing. I stopped taking it a long time ago. I felt the medicine didn`t do anything and I stopped. I had a very low dosage of the medicine and thought it couldn`t make any difference if I didn`t take. I was wrong.

If you suffer from a malfunctioning thyroid you should take your medicine! You often have to continue taking it for the rest of your life. The thyroid is a glance on the front side of your throat. It`s not big but it does a lot. Women are most prone to have some thyroid malfunction going on. A lot of women are affected. If there`s something wrong with your thyroid it either works too fast or too slow or has something else that`s not working right.

There are symptoms to tell if your thyroid is “broken”. The most common are:

¤Your feelings are all over the place and you get mood swings.

¤You either loose or gain weight without any reason.

¤You sweat more than you normally would.

¤Skin problems.

¤The pattern of your period changes.


I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks and I will tell him this. My anxiety has also been high lately and this can be the reason. I wonder what he will say about me stopping to take the medicine.WIN_20160614_17_48_23_Pro




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