I`ve been sick the last couple of days and that got me thinking. I almost know my non functioning thyroid has something to do with the cold I`ve had. A thyroid that is “broken” makes your immune system weak. I`ve never been sick this often as I have been lately and that`s why I think it has to do with the thyroid.

It`s much more common that women suffer from thyroid malfunctions than men. That`s what got me thinking. It`s not easy being a woman. We are prone to many diseases. As a woman it`s important to do whatever you can to stay healthy. In Sweden you automatically get summoned every two years after you`ve reach a certain age to have a mammography. I always do it. It only takes a couple of minutes and it doesn`t cost much. I wouldn`t be able to forgive myself if I didn`t go and then found out I had breast cancer.

Another thing I always do, also every two years, is to go to my gynechologist and have him take smear tests of the cervix. He also summons you automatically which makes it easy. I`ve had two cervix operations to remove possible cancer. Because most changes in that area don`t show symptoms it`s hard to spot them yourself.

It`s not easy being a woman but I love it!

Now something completely different. Today is the first day in a while I`ve been able to cook. These last couple of days I`ve been to sick to do that. I`ve only made instant soups. Today I made “recovery” food. Pasta with “falukorv”. “Falukorv” means falusausage. It`s a meaty sausage. This dish gives you lots of carbs from the pasta and lots of proteins from the sausage. All the things you need to get well. I served it with melon and orange salad.








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