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I want to say a big Thank you to all my new and old followers for reading my blog. For the moment I’m into Instagram big time. I love to write here but because my depression is hard at the moment and I find Instagram easier because you can write shorter post. I write lots there. I’m not saying I think writing blog posts are hard but now I get tired whatever I do and that’s why I’m just here sometimes.

On my Instagram I write about the same things I do here.

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Sugar free sugar. “Our sugar free cookies contain 2 cups of sugar.”

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I like being a woman. I like it but it`s not easy. We should have much hair on our head. On our body and “down below” it`s another story. Every woman should be an open field with no hair on our body and private parts!

This hair free trend is crazy to me. When I grew up no one removed hair like we do now. If someone would say back then they waxed their private parts we would be like why???? No one of my friends removed more than the hair on their legs. I don`t even think “private parts waxing” was available then. We used desposable razors and used soap as shaving foam. We shaved our bikini area too but that was it. Now it`s more normal to remove every hair on your body than not to. I do think maintaining your body hair is good and I wax and use hair removal cream but I`m not completely bare.

I do think a body without hair is more attractive. The media is constantly showering us with images of hair free bodies and it`s hard to not get affected by it. I don`t want to look at it like that but if someone would have hair on their legs I would want to give them a razor. “I had this razor laying around and thought you could use it”.

I have sensitive skin and hair removal is harsh on it. I can`t use razors because that makes my skin breakout in red spots. When I`ve shaved my legs I`ve used new razors and lots of foam but the red spots show up anyway. It`s the easiest way to remove hair but not for me.


Last time I removed hair I used a hair removal cream. I`ve used that brand before and it has been fine but this time I tried another one of their products. I got red spots everywhere. The removal cream I normally use is faster working than the latest one I tried. I think it was the time thing that made me break out. If you have trouble with shaving spots try removal cream with a short “working process”.

My favorite hair removal product is waxes. It takes time to do it but my skin tolerates it. The best waxes are the hard and soft ones. You heat the wax up put it on your skin and remove it with strips. The best way to do waxes is to have it done at a salon. I would do it more often if I had the money. Typical that the most expensive method is the best one.


I`ve been sick the last couple of days and that got me thinking. I almost know my non functioning thyroid has something to do with the cold I`ve had. A thyroid that is “broken” makes your immune system weak. I`ve never been sick this often as I have been lately and that`s why I think it has to do with the thyroid.

It`s much more common that women suffer from thyroid malfunctions than men. That`s what got me thinking. It`s not easy being a woman. We are prone to many diseases. As a woman it`s important to do whatever you can to stay healthy. In Sweden you automatically get summoned every two years after you`ve reach a certain age to have a mammography. I always do it. It only takes a couple of minutes and it doesn`t cost much. I wouldn`t be able to forgive myself if I didn`t go and then found out I had breast cancer.

Another thing I always do, also every two years, is to go to my gynechologist and have him take smear tests of the cervix. He also summons you automatically which makes it easy. I`ve had two cervix operations to remove possible cancer. Because most changes in that area don`t show symptoms it`s hard to spot them yourself.

It`s not easy being a woman but I love it!

Now something completely different. Today is the first day in a while I`ve been able to cook. These last couple of days I`ve been to sick to do that. I`ve only made instant soups. Today I made “recovery” food. Pasta with “falukorv”. “Falukorv” means falusausage. It`s a meaty sausage. This dish gives you lots of carbs from the pasta and lots of proteins from the sausage. All the things you need to get well. I served it with melon and orange salad.