I love all things in beauty. Skincare in particular. I think the older you get the more you have to care about taking your skin. Wrinkles begin to show and the sooner you take care of them the better. Today there`s a whole range of different products  out there and they fit every need when it comes to skin.

Botox is one alternative in the fight against wrinkles. For all of us that can`t afford it or simply just don`t want try it there`s other things to use. There are many skincare products that claim to be as good as botox and I have found a brand that is great. You might have heard of it: Nip Fab. They have many different products and this one, the viper venom series does a great job in smoothing wrinkles. I love this “Frown fix”. It doesn`t hide all the wrinkles but you definitely see a difference. I put it on my forehead and around my mouth twice daily and my wrinkles decreases. Try it!


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