I think that eating healthy is important. I know my anxiety gets better when I feed my body with the right food. I eat unhealthy things too, candy in particular, but I always have in mind to eat vegetables and fruit. I eat processed food but I make salads to go with it. My anxiety needs to be fed the right food in order for me to cope. A strong body gives a stronger mind.

Speaking of healthy, I think bananas are great. They come in a package filled with good things. I don`t like to eat them the way they are but I put them in yoghurt and other things. They can sooth sore muscles because of the high levels of potassium. They are also the fruit with the highest level of carbs which make them great to eat both before and after workouts. They can lower a high blood preassure and the potassium can help with stress. I would never replace medicines with bananas but it`s good to know. The magnesium can sooth headaches.

Like I said I would never replace medicines with fruit but if eating it can help somewhat with illnesses everyone should eat more of it.



I like my bananas to be brown like the one on the right.





3 thoughts on “Banana

  1. mindfulbreathsite says:

    I agree. Healthy food is very important. Our bodies are actually built by the nutrients we intake. Of course there are very many different diets, and many people choose this or that based on various reason. There is no single diet that is one size fits all. We must respect all medical conditions, and see if a particular person might be lactose intolerant or can’t have too much fruit (this happens too)… I am glad you are promoting healthy life style. Good luck and stay fit and healthy.

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      • mindfulbreathsite says:

        I know…It’s important to balance in order to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s like with me: I found out that I am lactose intolerant, so no milk/no cheese/no yogurts. I am trying to be as vegan and vegetarian as possible, but at times I love some sushi and fish. I can eat some chicken, too. I get low on sugar, and some “healthy candies” are my treat. I mean those nuts covered in syrups or chocolate, tofu or maple. I know what you are saying, that we can’t totally become perfect in one day. But guess what, when our habits change for the better, we don’t realize that it means that some years from now we’d look at ourselves and each other and say, wow, I made such a progress! Good Luck.

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