Kiwi frenzy

I have told you about my obsessions with kiwi fruits. It’s because they don’t cost a lot. Even if I have many at home I can’t not buy new ones when I am at the grocery store. You get 10 kiwi’s for 3,5 euros which means they cost nothing. You never know when the price will go up. That’s why I am buying 10 every time I shop for groceries. I know it’s absurd. That made me think about what media’s approach to it would be.

“A woman was found with hundreds of kiwis in her home. Most of them were rotten but she said she couldn’t put them in the trash. ‘I have a bond to all my kiwis’ she said meaning that it would be like throwing out a family member. She also said she had named the kiwis and talked to them. When she was asked how it had gotten this crazy she said it wasn’t crazy. ‘They cost 3,5 for 10 kiwis. I have bought 10 kiwis two times a week for months.’ Do you eat any of them? She replied ‘How can I eat my family members? Michael or David? No I can’t.’

We looked around the woman’s apartment and found every room filled with kiwis. They had even formed gangs. Each room had one gang. They held to themselves apart from when a kiwi from another room entered their territory. Then they crushed it. We also found a room that was empty apart from a couple of kiwis aimlessly wandering around. They weren’t part of any gang and had to fend for themselves. In that room the lemons had had enough of all the kiwis. We saw a kiwi and a lemon fighting. The lemon shouted ‘leave this room alone. This room belongs to lemons’.

The social services had to take the woman away. She was naked covered in crushed kiwi fruits. She resisted crying ‘who is going to take care of my kiwis?’ The last thing we heard her say before she was placed in the social service’s car was ’10 for 3,5 euros’ over and over again.”

I am not there now but who knows what the future holds? Just kidding. I buy lots of kiwis however I eat them all.


I don’t get why you think I have too many kiwi fruits at home! There’s just 24 of them!

I know it seems crazy to have 24 kiwis at home. Especially when I am the only one eating them. It’s hysterical when you think about it. I have a good reason for “collecting” them. They often cost a fortune and I don’t buy them cause of that. Now they have been very cheap for a while. I get a bit crazy when you get 10 kiwi fruits for 3 euros. I buy them every time I’m in the grocery store now. I think “it doesn’t hurt to buy 10 more”.

Sometimes I have too many and I can’t fit them in the fridge. But even so the next time I visit the grocery store I buy 10 more. Kiwis are a favorite of mine and now I can eat them all the time. They are filled with vitamins and I need something healthy especially when I am eating dinner. I don’t think raw vegetables are tasty. I eat fruit instead. I remove the peel and enjoy them. I have to find recipes that has kiwis in them so I can eat them all before they get dry and old. I eat them raw but I think I would like them in cakes or something.


I think it’s important to try and eat healthy. Or not healthy all the time but sometimes. I try to have a side salad with dinner. That’s an easy way to get some of the daily veggies. When I’m lazy I only have some tomatoes but I love a big salad. I often also have healthy veggies in my salad. All veggies are healthy but many don’t have lots of vitamins in them. Lettuce for example consists mostly of water and not many vitamins.


This salad is the best. Carrots, white cabbage and orange. Lots of nutrients. Carrots contains vitamin A. Cabbage and orange have lots of vitamin C in them. I love to mix veggies and fruit.

I grate the carrots. I love them sliced but it gets hard to chew them after a while.

Fruit joke

A bad fruit joke. I have to tell you that.


A retired banana and a youngster. Or a banana that doesn’t moisturize and a banana that does.



Easy apple pie.

I like apples for baking. They make everything taste good. The combination of cinnamon and apples is the best.

Today I had apples that were going bad which often happens. Instead of throwing them out I made apple pie. I used the things I had in the kitchen and it tasted good.

There was only three apples but that had to do. I peeled them and cut them in slices. The apples were placed in a oven tin. I mixed the apples with butter, cinnamon and sugar.



In a bowl I mixed butter, sugar and flour. I used 50 g butter. I poured the mix over the apples.


The pie baked at 200 C for 30 minutes.

Serve with cream.




-Honey we only have too many bananas left!

-You can never have too many bananas left.

All these bananas this household buys. We don’t like them that much and still there is always a bunch of them around.20170113_152716


20161217_155030-Honey, I think we have to buy bananas. There`s only nine left.

Haha, that`s what happens when the members of a household buy food without checking what the others already have bought. Nine bananas, they will probably not be eaten. Or I rather know they won`t get eaten.


I think that eating healthy is important. I know my anxiety gets better when I feed my body with the right food. I eat unhealthy things too, candy in particular, but I always have in mind to eat vegetables and fruit. I eat processed food but I make salads to go with it. My anxiety needs to be fed the right food in order for me to cope. A strong body gives a stronger mind.

Speaking of healthy, I think bananas are great. They come in a package filled with good things. I don`t like to eat them the way they are but I put them in yoghurt and other things. They can sooth sore muscles because of the high levels of potassium. They are also the fruit with the highest level of carbs which make them great to eat both before and after workouts. They can lower a high blood preassure and the potassium can help with stress. I would never replace medicines with bananas but it`s good to know. The magnesium can sooth headaches.

Like I said I would never replace medicines with fruit but if eating it can help somewhat with illnesses everyone should eat more of it.



I like my bananas to be brown like the one on the right.






I try to be healthy. I’m not a health freak but I exercise and eat healthy. What I mean with eating healthy is that I try to avoid processed food. I do eat it and when I do I make a nice salad to go with it.

One of the things that has become my health routine is citrus fruits. I always drink freshly squeezed lemon juice everyday. I find that it makes a big difference when I do that. For a while I stopped doing it and I began noticing that I got cracks on my tongue and my gum felt sore. I don’t know if me not drinking lemon juice caused the changes but I don’t know what else it could be. I don’t put sugar in the juice I like it the way it is.

One of my biggest struggle when it comes to being healthy is candy. I love candy. I can’t have dinner and not finish it with a lot of candy. I get irritated when I eat and then skip the sweets. I have had times where I have stopped eating candy for a while and I got through it fine but it’s boring in a way to not eat sugar.