I should eat fish more often. I don`t know how to make fish tasty and that`s why I seldom cook fish dishes. I think  fish needs a good sauce and there`s the problem. With meat you can just make a sauce out of the meat juices in the pan but with fish you need more. There are many ready made sauces but I often don`t like them. And then there`s the fish itself. I don`t like them all. My least favourite is salmon. Almost everyone likes it but I find the taste over welming. Whatever you do with salmon it just taste salmon.

This fish dish started as a sauce for baked potatoes. We had it with potatoes, butter and salt. Because I`m lazy I thought that baked potatoes required too much of an effort to eat (I said I was lazy). Then I began frying potato pieces to go with the sauce and that`s what I do now. To make it even easier I cook the potatoes in the oven while I make the sauce.

I can`t give you the amounts of the ingredients cause I don`t use a recepy but here`s what I put in the sauce.

Creme fraiche

Tinned tuna in water

Tomato purèe

Red onion in small pieces

Dried dill

Salt and pepper

I mix it all in a bowl and serve with fried potatoes.

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