Make up

I used to wear liquid make up before. Everything from BB creams to foundations. When BB creams were new I tried lots of different brands. Foundations has been around longer and I`ve tried many different ones there too. Foundations are not my favourites when it comes to make up. I feel like it gives too much coverage.

My favourite thing to wear now is powder. I have used it before but it was long ago. I had this idea that powder would “gather” in wrinkles and enhance them. I was wrong. Powder hides wrinkles and liquid make up enhance them. I know it`s not the same for everyone but this is how it is for me. Always when I used BB creams I was thinking “I have to do something about those wrinkles”. With powder my skin is the way it normally is.

The application of powder is much easier than BB cream. BB creams gets all over the place and it`s not easy to get it on evenly. I think powder looks more natural. The natural look depends on what colour you use though! Liquid make up always stain clothes. Especially jackets get these brown stains on the collar. Powder is much better when it comes to this.

The application of powder is dependant on the applicator you use. I used to put powder on with the sponge that almost always is included. I know you know everything about this but if you`ve never tried powder before, don`t apply it with sponges! It doesn`t give you a natural look and they are not “clean”.

I don`t know about you but I rather use the brush. Both these are from elf. I love this brand! Everything but the sponge that is. The sponge was included with the powder and I used it a couple of times. I washed it after every use but this is how it ended up. The sponge pictured is washed and it looks more than dirty! I bought the kabuki brush and it does make powder application easy. It`s worth spending money on these things I`ve found.


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