I would very much love to have no hair on my legs. I do and I have lots of it. I think summer is hard because sometimes it’s that warm that you have to bare your legs. I could decide not to remove the leg hairs but that would be disrespecting others. The thought of having others be exposed to the dark hairs is not hilarious.

The least favourite way of removing hair is shaving. It’s the fastest way but for me it’s not perfect. I always get rashes and acne like spots on my legs when I shave. I use clean razors but the spots show up. The hair is gone but full of rashes. I’ve tried lots of razors but nothing has been successful.

The best thing is to wax. I’ve had it done at beauty salons and that’s fine but it costs a lot. I would happily pay if waxing removed the hair for all times but it doesn’t. That’s why I do it myself. The professionals do it faster but it doesn’t cost as much when you do it yourself.

There are some waxes to choose from. The most common are “liquid” waxes and wax strips. The liquid waxes come in a container you heat in a microwave. That is the best way to wax but it’s hard if you haven’t waxed before. Liquid wax removes hair better but it can get everywhere. I usually have wax all around me when I wax this way. It drips and sticks to surfaces. The strip wax is best if you’re not used to wax or don’t have much time to do it. It’s not effective when the hair is short.

Strip wax is wax on strips. The strips have wax on them and they stick together “two and two”. You rub your hands on the strips to warm them and then separate them and wax. I used this wax on my recent hair removal. Shelas. They were like all strip waxes but you couldn’t use the strips more than one “pull”. That had me going through many of them.



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